SkyDrive would soon let you fly in a compact, electric flying machine

SkyDrive has made its flying car in such a way that it can vertically take off and land with stability.

The Japanese, as ever before, have been at the front of innovative lifestyle technologies. The latest from Japan kitty that is sure to make one look up to the sky in adoration is a new electric flying car.

Flying out from the stables of an aero tech startup based in Tokyo is a new ultralight, compact flying machine that could help you cover distances in a jiffy. It also does away with the carbon-emissions concern. The new machine comes as an electric car that flies.

The new electric flying machine with the model name SD-03 was shown off by SkyDrive at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year. The SD-03, which was presented in full scale at the mega consumer electronic event made heads turn, indeed.

SkyDrive completes pilot testing of flying car

The company has reportedly finished piloted testing of the flying car. SkyDrive’s flying car has been made in such a way that it can vertically take off and land with superb stability. Further, the emission-free electric vehicle has the capability to ensure fast and safe door-to-door transportation anywhere. It is also being seen as a landmark in the emergency rescue scenario.

SkyDrive has already been in the news for its flying machines. The company is now digging deeper into the flying cars and cargo drones’ terrain, with a view on the future. It looks towards an era where people can use air mobility as a means of transportation in their daily lives.

Expertise in drone tech, aerodynamic engineering

The Japanese start-up had recently taken a major step toward commercialisation of its Model SD-05 with a view towards deploying this machine, which is in the works, as an air taxi. This is expected to happen in time for the World Expo 2025 scheduled to be held in Osaka.

The new ultralight, compact flying car SD-03 banks much on SkyDrive’s expertise in the drone technologies and aerodynamic engineering arenas.  The company looks at a future where the flying car would land and take off from parking lots at people’s homes and helipads.

With the new flying machine arriving at the CES 2022, we need to expect such a future is at hand. The pilot testing is also over, and so SkyDrive could be seriously eyeing a place in the sky with its ultralight, compact people carrier that flies distances.

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