The first leg of the Ocean Sailing expedition from Goa to Kochi and back culminates marking 75 years of celebrations of the National Defence Academy

The first leg of an Ocean Sailing expedition from Goa to Kochi and back, as part of celebrations of 75 years of the National Defence Academy, culminated in Kochi on 10 Dec 2023. A crew of nine cadets and three officers have set upon this challenging and adventurous task of sailing in the Open Ocean covering over 334 nautical miles on each leg of the expedition. The crew undertook this naval odyssey aboard Indian Naval Sailing Vessels Mhadei, Bulbul, and Neelkant.

They underwent basic training on sailing at Kochi followed by advanced training at Goa on aspects such as setting up sails, navigation, first aid and other essential skills. The first leg of the expedition from Goa to Kochi was flagged off on Dec 06. The second leg of the expedition will begin from Kochi harbour on 12 Dec and will culminate at Goa on 16 Dec 23.

Ocean sailing is one of the most demanding sports which is considered challenging both mentally and physically. The academy aims to instil a spirit of adventure, enhance risk-taking abilities and foster the development of resilience, teamwork and a passion for continuous learning among the cadets.

On 16 January 2024, NDA completed 75 glorious years in the service of the nation. The sailing expedition is aimed at commemorating the grand occasion in the maritime domain.

Disclaimer: This is an official press release by Pib.

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