Lidia Kuleshnyk was amongst the elite list of the significant leaders of the world

Unified Brainz is resolute in presenting and celebrating the exemplary careers of some of the most stalwart personalities whose fortitude, assiduousness and willpower have made them claim the highest level of glory. This year again, we are proud to present one more limited edition of the unique dark mode Coffee Table Book, “Who’s Who of The Industry”, which is marked in the World Book of Records, London, where we have handpicked the success stories of individuals who have made an inedible mark in their respective industries and emerged as victorious leaders.

Lidia Kuleshnyk’s journey of healing, personal growth, and evolution, began the moment she was born with chronic health conditions. Realising that her life and future were in her own hands, she adopted the mantra – ‘If it is to be, it is up to me’. At the age of 10, she took a stand for herself when she no longer accepted living in chronic pain and illness. “I didn’t come to this planet to be half alive. I came to this planet to be whole and free”. And so began her lifelong journey of empowerment.

Armed with a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies, Lidia forged a career as an International Environmental Policy Analyst, specializing in Global Climate Change. She represented the United Nations Environment Program contributing to the policy recommendations at the 1988 Global Climate Change Conference in Toronto. In addition, she was a Mental Health Therapist with degrees in Psychology and Counselling.

When she was in her late 20s, Lidia took two years away from her professions to treat her chronic health conditions. During that time of deep healing, she received spiritual messages in her dreams to dedicate her life to helping others and to rescue horses from slaughter.

This marked the beginning of her Apona Healing Method and High Performance Wellness Coaching, as well as her Apona Healing Ranch in Ontario, Canada, more than 25 years ago.

“My business is spiritually guided by my dreams and intuition. Everything I offer is authentic and 100% focused on helping humans heal, grow and evolve as well as helping horses heal. I share the methods that helped me heal my constitution, at the cellular level, not just my condition, so I know the incredible value and potential of transformation that I am offering, as I have lived it myself. We are all here to help each other. The more we collaborate with genuine caring and support, the greater the success, abundance and well-being we will create.”

As a Renaissance Woman, Lidia is truly passionate about her roles as a High Performance Coach, Thought Leader, Healer and Advocate for horses and animals. She is passionate about empowering conscious leaders to feel secure and confident in the knowledge that they can turn any crisis or situation into success and activate human potential to turn ‘lead into gold’.

“Creating a business based on Conscious Leadership is the future of expanding the economy. Conscious leadership recognizes the inherent value in all aspects of offering services and products, in an inclusionary model that embraces a holistic paradigm within which the consequences and impacts of our actions are considered, not just the profits. Apona Healing continues to grow as a global leader in coaching, healing and personal development founded on the principles of conscious leadership.”

It also won her a ton of honours, including:

  • Michio Kushi Award of Excellence
  • 10 Top Women In Business, MSP News Global
  • Brainz 500 Global Award 2022 for Top Entrepreneurs and Influential Leaders
  • Digital First Magazine’s 10 Must Watch Innovative Coaching Service Providers 2023
  • Expert Profile Magazine’s Global Super Minds Award 2023 for Top Thought Leaders
  • Recognized as Community Leader with candidature for Mayor of Ajax
  • Magazine Expert and Columnist with Expert Profile magazine
  • 3 X Best-Selling Author.

Lidia’s strengths have always been the ability to focus, connect with her intuition, and take action. In her youth, her compassion and caring for others would often leave her depleted. She learned how to discern and deflect external stressors and recognize her physical, mental and emotional limits so that she does not live beyond her energetic capacity.  She calls this her Capacity Principle™ of Conscious Leadership and Success. “I took my greatest weakness and turned it into a positive tool for myself and others to manage one’s energy and stress.” To know more about Lidia, check or to nominate email, [email protected]

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