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The First Word that describes Dr. Blythe Metz-Mändmets is ‘multifaceted,’ and the Passion Word that describes her is ‘Metaphysician’. In between, she’s also a thought leader, author, speaker, inventor, and entrepreneur who helps people realize their self-healing power.

Based in Los Angeles, USA, Blythe has a background in the arts as a painter, actress, and writer. However, once Metaphysics entered her world, she couldn’t take her mind off it. “I was, and still am, thirsty for knowledge around our inherent power to create everything we want. I had some extraordinary instantaneous healings and couldn’t help but share the wisdom I was learning. We are always creating what we are conscious of being. So, if you’re conscious of being sick – Stop, and choose to be conscious of being vital. This is a core message I have for people.”

Blythe received a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Sciences and paired that with her knowledge of alkalinity and human design to create The Principles Program. She had such amazing results with private and group clients that she wanted to take this to entire workforces, thus launching CorporateVitalityPrograms.com. She feels companies receive many benefits and typically a 6:1 ROI from offering vitality or wellness programs. Individual employees, too, benefit greatly by having the guidance of cutting-edge oxygenation, alkalinity, nutrition, and cognitive training to up-level physical, mental, and emotional health.

“Science has known for 100 years that the body regenerates optimally in a slightly alkaline environment, yet medicine does not practice this information, for degenerative diseases are its biggest cash cow. Does your MD test your pH with your urine and give you dietary and stress management strategies to keep you slightly alkaline? Sadly, most do not. The work we do in alkalizing and oxygenating our clients brings them the fastest results in a way that’s fun and easy to incorporate into their lifestyles. I also partner with health insurance companies to provide vitality programs for their corporate clients that will save them potentially billions of dollars.”

Blythe is also the Founder of Blythe Natural Living, under which she hosts ‘Blythe Raw Life,’ authors books, and coaches people in metaphysics and holistic health.

“I am never short of ideas. But I’ve discovered that one thing I love more than creating new products and businesses is time to myself and time with my family. So, for now, I am joyfully committed to building Corporate Vitality Programs into a system that changes the game for healthcare, conducting my group virtual health program called, The Principles, and writing my books.”

Speaking of how she strikes a balance, Blythe says, “Morning and evening routines are important for balance and health. First thing in the morning, I establish the energy I want to experience. This habit puts me in the creative structure for the day. At night as I lay my head down, I do the stem cell activations we teach in our programs. Consciously instructing the body is a profound piece of wisdom and guidance, and I hope you will practice and show yourself its merit.”

Dr. Blythe also helps teenagers overcome depression and anxiety and learn to create a life they love. Pre-order a copy of her latest book, Dear Teenager, You Are Amazing, 5 Keys to Creating A Life You Love today, and support a movement to empower our youth at www.BlytheNaturalLiving.com/teens

You can sign up for Blythe’s educational emails at www.BlytheNaturalLiving.com and find out more about The Principles Group Program to up-level health, vitality, and love of life at www.BlytheNaturalLiving.com/ThePrinciplesSpecial. You will also find a very special Who’s Who reader discount of 75% off the 6-month program. To know more about Dr. Blythe, check https://whoswho.world/ or to nominate email, [email protected]

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