All eyes on Yogi 2.0; Adityanath to call the shots  

Yogi 2.0 is expected to bear the stamp of Chief Minister Adityanath

Now that the verdict is out and the celebrations have been running in full spirit, Yogi Adityanath will soon get immersed in his next task. The Uttar Pradesh electorate has given Yogi and his Bharatiya Janata Party a mandate worth celebrating. The Chief Minister has come back from the poll arena after busy days of campaigning.

It is ow time to form the cabinet, or Yogi 2.0 as the new-gen pollsters would call it.  Will the second Yogi cabinet be the same as what had been in power just before the election? Speculations are flying thick and fast already, but it looks like Yogi, with the blessings of his supreme boss in Delhi, will have the last word on who all will accompany him on to the swearing-in podium.

Emergence of a stronger Yogi Adityanath

The BJP victory in Uttar Pradesh is nothing less than historic. Yogi Adityanath knows that much better than any others. And hence, Yogi Adityanath’s Team 2.0 will bear the political monk’s stamp on whoever he zeroes in on. Yogi has become the first ever chief minister to retain power in Uttar Pradesh, since the 1985 assembly elections, that is. He has also become the only chief minister of UP who have completed full five years in the office and won the subsequent election to retain his position as CM. Admirable, it indeed is.

That makes him worthy and confident of calling the shots now. That also means that he will have much more power in choosing his cabinet colleagues this time around.  So it is now going to be a cabinet with a Yogi stamp on it. He will call the shots and run his list with the BJP top brass in Delhi.

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What we would need to believe is that Brajesh Pathak, the Minister for Law in Yogi’s earlier cabinet, could see himself being granted a bigger role. Pathak had won from Lucknow Cantonment seat, and is sure to be a prominent place in the Yogi 2.0 cabinet.

Similarly, it looks like Rajeshwar Singh, the ex-joint director of Enforcement Directorate, who had contested and won his first Assembly election from Sarojini Nagar seat in Lucknow will also get a place in the Yogi 2.0 line up of ministers. Among the others who are expected to receive the Chief Minister’s call are former bureaucrat RK Sharma, former police commissioner and Dalit face Asim Arun. Besides these BJP men, prominent winning leaders from allies such as Apna Dal and Nishad Party would also find slots in UP’s new cabinet.

All said, it is going to be fully Yogi Adityanath’s cabinet. The Chief Minister would want to prove why he has been chosen again, and would want to hold the prospects of a continuous BJP win UP for years to come.

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