Shokz OpenRun Pro: A headphone meant for those on the move

The Shokz OpenRun Pro is designed and manufactured in such a way that the sound is not passed on to the brain through the ears.

There are many earphones, but specific headphones for movement are now gaining traction. So move aside over-the-ear phones and buds. The Shokz OpenRun Pro headphones come into play in this scenario.

The Shokz OpenRun Pro is designed and manufactured in such a way that the sound is not passed on to the brain through the ears. These devices pass on vibrations through the skull and jaw. Thus, these phones are ideal for outdoor workouts, though they may not be ideal for a trip on a flight or a subway.

As a company, Shokz, which was earlier known as AfterShokz, makes headphones based on bone conduction technology. The new model is the Shokz Open Run Pro.

The Shokz has a nice packaging and it comes with a USB-C cable. Shokz will easily fit in the space allotted for it on its carrying case, which is stuffed with padding. The carrying case’s zipper slides smoothly.

The case has a loop on the top through which you can toggle the cable. This also gives you the convenience of tracking where your cable is. The Bluetooth of Shokz Open Run Pro is easy to pair. To switch on the headphones, the button is conveniently placed under your right arm. Now, that offers comfort, isn’t it?

Shokz OpenRun Pro comes with many features

Shokz Open Run Pro offers a cool, open-ear look. You may take your own sweet time to gel with the device, but rest assured these are devices which offer comfort for using long periods.

There are options also including the standard and mini sizes for the Shokz Open Run Pro. Standard size mostly suits adult users, but some users are found to opt for mini size too.

The Shokz OpenRun Pro has shrunk its size by nearly one-fifth from its previous version, which essentially means it offers better comfort.

Shokz has named its bone conduction technology thus: Shokz TurboPitch. To provide premium audio, it also offers two additional bass enhancers. Though Shokz does not open its audio waves directly to the ear, the sound quality is excellent. But you may need to up the audio a bit more than earbuds and other headphones. The volume can be raised by tapping under the power on button, but to decrease it you need to tap the left side.

Shokz Openrun pro

The button for multi-function lets you pause, answer a call, hang up or start the audio again depending on your need. There is an option to make phone calls while the headphones are on, but people on the other side may not get the requisite clarity.

Awesome battery

Shokz offers an astonishing battery life of 10 hours. This Is the best ever battery life for the Shokz line up. Charging the Shokz is also not a headache, like many other similar devices. You can have the option to charge just five minutes and get to fiddle around for 1.5 hours with Shokz’s quick charging tech.

Shokz Open Run Pro offers runners the ability to hear ambient noise while they are on the road. That means you can be alert even while listening to music. So Shokz Open Run Pro is also suited while you are on busy streets. These are also water-resistant devices, so it doesn’t matter if it is raining also. The Shokz Open Run Pro, which offers four colour options, has good audio quality also though it doesn’t offer noise cancellation.

The Pyle Bluetooth and the Bose Frame Tempo are Shokz OpenRun Pro’s competitors. The Bose though comes with Sunglasses and bone conduction technology in one device.

Over the years, the specifications required for earbuds and head phones have changed. There are now headphones or earbuds designed to suit all occasions. After noise cancellation, now bone conduction technology has emerged as a suitable bet for mainly those on the move like athletes.

The Shokz Open Run Pro suits not only athletes and those who would do workouts on a regular basis, but also those who are always moving through busy streets.

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