Unburnt Ravan effigy gifts suspension to Dhamtari civic body staffer!

Civic body staffers in Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh in charge of effigy burning for Dussehra punished as fire refuses to burn the heads of Ravan effigy

If you can’t burn all ten heads of demon king Ravan, who locked horns with King Ram, you are certain to be penalised! A Dhamtari civic body staffer in Chhattisgarh learnt it the hard way.

As part of the Dussehra celebrations organised in Dhamtari, a huge effigy of Ravan, the mythical villain of Lanka, was to be set on fire to celebrate the victory of god over evil.  However, when the time for burning the effigy arrived, things went topsy-turvy.

Ravan’s effigy was of course set on fire. But the fire went off after burning the torso into ashes. However, the heads, all ten of them, remained intact, and the fire doused itself.

How can Ravan’s heads stay intact when they were meant to charred to ashes? The fire was not to be blamed. All the blame however fell on the humans in charge of celebrating the victory of good over evil by burning down the effigy in whole.

Ravan heads bring penalty to hapless civic body employees

The axe came down on the civic body employee we spoke about in the beginning, as a suspension was served to him. Not just that show-cause notices were issued to four officials. All these for leaving the ten heads of the Ravan unburnt during the celebration.

The effigy burning event was shot on camera, and the pictures showed the 10 heads of the demon king unburnt, leaving the officials in charge at the mercy of the superiors who had expected the whole of the effigy to be consumed by flames.

Artisans who made effigy also invite official ire

Post the event, the Dhamtari Municipal Corporation (DMC) served the suspension order to clerk Rajendra Yadav for his alleged “negligence in making the effigy of Ravan”. As per the official order, the Assistant Grade-3 employee committed grave negligence in making effigy of Ravan for Dussehra celebration 2022 that maligned the image of the DMC.

Yadav was then replaced with another employee, Samarth Ransingh. Besides, Assistant Engineer Vijay Mehra and Sub-Engineers Lomas Dewangan, Kamlesh Thakur and Kamta Nagendra were handed show-cause notices by the DMC, and they will now have to explain how Ravan’s ten heads were untouched by the flames!

All said, the celebration of victory of good over evil, proved costly for these employees, just because the fire refused to burn the demon king’s heads, yes all ten of them! Not just that, the artisans who were roped in to build the effigy are also facing the DMC heat. Bizarre, isnt it?

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