July has come, the vaccine has not arrived: Rahul Gandhi

Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan reacts, accuses Rahul Gandhi of being arrogant

Congress leader and Member of Parliament, Rahul Gandhi on Friday criticized the Central government of not procuring enough COVID-19 vaccines, by saying that the month of July had come, but the shortage of vaccines persisted in the country.

In a tweet, the Congress leader posted in Hindi, “July has come, the vaccine has not arrived.”

As expected, the reaction from the ruling part had to come. In his defense, the Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan said accused the Congress leader of being arrogant.

Dr Vardhan attacked Mr Gandhi for “not reading” and sidestepped any more debate on vaccination by accusing him of “arrogance,” claiming he had tweeted about supplies for July the day before.

“Just yesterday, I put out facts on vaccine availability for the month of July. What is Rahul Gandhi ji’s problem? Does he not read? Does he not understand? There is no vaccine for the virus of arrogance and ignorance! Congress must think of a leadership overhaul!” Dr Vardhan said.

Mr Gandhi has been an outspoken opponent of the government’s vaccination policy.

It is important to state that India has so far provided around 34 crore doses, but only about 4% of the eligible population has got the required two doses. However, in terms of dosages delivered, the country this week exceeded the United States in absolute numbers.

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