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VishwaConclave 2024: Bridging Minds to Explore ‘Ripples of Retrospect’

India's Premier Multidisciplinary Student Conclave Unveils Esteemed Speakers and Engaging Sessions for March 23rd.

Pune: In the essence of collaborative ideation, VishwaConclave emerges as a beacon of intellectual convergence, transcending boundaries and disciplines. Set against the backdrop of dynamic discourse and introspection, this year’s theme, “Ripples of Retrospect,” beckons participants to delve into the profound impact of past experiences, fostering growth and shaping future endeavors.

With an illustrious lineup of speakers, VishwaConclave promises an enriching journey into diverse spheres of knowledge and creativity. Among our esteemed guests, we proudly present:

Medha Deshmukh Bhaskar:
Renowned author of ‘Challenging Destiny,’ Medha Deshmukh Bhaskar, illuminates societal insights through her captivating narratives, offering profound discussions on historical fiction and contemporary social dilemmas.

Subodh Bhave:
Famed for his compelling portrayals in Indian cinema, Subodh Bhave shares insights garnered from his illustrious career, providing a unique perspective on the intricacies of Indian entertainment and cinema direction.

General Vinod Bhatiya:
A stalwart in Indian military history, General Vinod Bhatiya’s strategic prowess and groundbreaking initiatives, including ‘Operation Cactus,’ promise enlightening insights into leadership and innovation.

Mohan Savarkar:
At the forefront of Tata Motors’ innovation, Mohan Savarkar shapes the future of mobility with his expertise in electric vehicle technology and sustainability, offering transformative insights into the automotive industry.

VishwaConclave 2024: Bridging Minds to Explore 'Ripples of Retrospect

Engagement awaits attendees with captivating speaker sessions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities amidst culinary delights during the lunch break. The momentum continues with immersive sessions culminating in a grand finale—a Musical Extravaganza featuring a live band.

Mark your calendars for March 23rd, as VishwaConclave unfolds at the prestigious Sharad Arena (VIT College Auditorium). Tickets priced at 599/- offer an opportunity not to be missed. Register now at and embark on an unforgettable journey of knowledge, reflection, and inspiration.

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