India Engages in G20 Education Working Group Meeting: Focused on Capacity Building and Digital Connectivity

Virtual Meeting Emphasizes Collaboration Towards Global Education Agenda.

In a significant stride towards fostering international cooperation in education, India actively participated in the inaugural G20 Education Working Group (EdWG) meeting under the Brazilian presidency. The meeting held virtually, brought together representatives from G20 nations to deliberate on key educational priorities and strategies for collective action.

Under the theme of “Valuing & Building Capacity of Education Professionals” and “Connecting Managers of Digital Resource Platforms,” the Indian delegation reiterated the government’s staunch commitment to advancing the global education agenda. Emphasizing the crucial role of education in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly through initiatives like LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment), India underscored the importance of capacity building for educational professionals and the need for inclusive, qualitative, and collaborative tech-enabled learning at all levels.

Highlighting India’s exemplary practices guided by the National Education Policy 2020, the delegation showcased various initiatives aimed at enhancing educational standards and fostering innovation. These included platforms like SWAYAM and SWAYAM PRABHA for online courses, the Academic Bank of Credit for credit accumulation, and programs such as SAMARTH and NISHTHA for teacher training and professional development. Additionally, collaborations with industries to equip educators with emerging technologies were also highlighted as key components of India’s educational landscape.

As part of the EdWG agenda, Brazil outlined three priorities for deliberation:

  1. Valuing and Building Capacity of Education Professionals: Discussions revolved around collective efforts to enhance the skills and competencies of educators globally.
  2. Connecting Managers of Digital Resource Platforms: Participants exchanged ideas on the sharing of educational materials, particularly focusing on Education for Sustainable Development, to promote environmental consciousness and sustainability.
  3. The G20 Award for School-Community Engagement: This initiative aimed to recognize exemplary practices in fostering engagement between schools and local communities, highlighting the importance of community involvement in education.

The first day’s discussions set the stage for further engagement, with day two of the meeting scheduled to delve deeper into the topics of digital resource platforms and awards for school-community engagement. The ongoing dialogue underscores the G20’s commitment to leveraging collective expertise and resources to address pressing educational challenges and foster sustainable development.

The EdWG meeting serves as a testament to the shared commitment of G20 nations towards building a brighter future through education, ensuring equitable access, and fostering innovation in teaching and learning methodologies. As the discussions continue, India remains poised to contribute meaningfully towards shaping the global education landscape, driving progress and prosperity for all.

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