Ola triggers wait for electric car; CEO tweet hints at an EV with futuristic design

Ola fans go into waiting mode as Bhavish Aggarwal tweets electric car image

Will we soon have an Ola electric car hitting the road?  Going by what we see on social media, the chances are high. The company which has put its money on affordable everyday use two-wheelers, is believed to be now looking toward an electric car.

Grapevine murmur got louder after Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal tweeted an image of a futuristically designed electric car. And the image has set the internet on fire, with talk of an Ola EV gaining traction. Aggarwal’s tweet, incidentally, came a day after the company’s green vehicle subsidiary garnered close to $200 million at a valuation of $5 billion.

This is not the first time that Aggarwal has spoken publicly about an electric car in the making. He had some time ago hinted at the prospect of Ola making four-wheel electric vehicles. Now with the latest tweet, things seem to coming into perspective, and Ola fans are already launched themselves into anticipation mode.

Ola electric car to come with futuristic design

The image tweeted by the Ola CEO is that of a hatchback with an Ola logo pasted on the front. Extremely futuristic is its design, and the car looks like having an extended windshield right up to the and rear end. Though the picture comes across as a charmer by any standards, we need to believe that this one could just be a design render. That means, the actual vehicle that runs on electric power could come with design changes.

Ola had unveiled its first batch of electric scooters in India last year. Two models had been showcased. The unveiling of these two models that went by the name of under Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro series, was a grand affair, but the company has found it tough to meet delivery expectations.

Separate manufacturing facility likely

Trouble kept cruising along, as customers who bought the models began complaining about poor battery range. There were also complaints over missing features, with customers saying that some of the promised ones were not offered in the actual vehicles.

The company swung into damage control mode by announcing that an upgrade to S1 Pro hardware was due to S1 customers.  Thus the promise of a better range, hyper mode and other features were made.

Ola has a facility to manufacture 10 million units of its electric scooters annually. That could mean that the electric car could be made elsewhere, in a different factory. The tweeted image has given rise to mega hopes. Potential customers would be now looking forward to know then the electric car from Ola would be ready for booking. They will have to wait.

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