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“Does it reconcile with ‘America First’ ideology?” netizens question US investment in Israel’s Iron Dome

Following Democrats’ concerns, the US House of Representatives approved a bill providing $1 billion in financing for Israel’s Iron Dome Missile Defense System.

After a bill was cleared in the US House of Representatives, Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system is set to get a $1 billion financial infusion from the US.

On Thursday, the US House of Representatives passed legislation providing $1 billion in financing for the Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system.

Following concerns from certain House Democrats, the bill was first withdrawn. After being roundly lambasted as a sign of diminishing support for Israel, the bill was reintroduced as a stand-alone measure.

The crucial bill passed with a vote of 420-9 and will now be considered by the US Senate.

Israel expresses gratitude to United States for the assistance

Over the years, the United States has aided in the development of the missile defence system. It has proven to be quite efficient in intercepting rockets launched at Israel.

Those who tried to oppose this support from the US received a thunderous response in the form of votes in support of the latest bill, as per Israel’s Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett.

He said the people of Israel express their gratitude to the people of the United States of America and their representatives for their strong friendship.

“Does it reconcile with ‘America First’ ideology?” netizens question

Meanwhile, netizens, while calling Israel an ‘apartheid state’, criticized the US for the bill.

While questioning the bill, journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote on Twitter, “Still looking for someone to reconcile the ideology of “America First” with continuing to transfer billions of dollars in American taxpayer money every year to this wealthy foreign country to pay for their military, instead of letting them pay for it themselves.”

He added that in crucial sectors such as health care and education, Israelis have a higher quality of life than millions of Americans. What justifies giving millions of dollars to Israel’s military when many people have so little at home and Israel can afford to defend itself, Mr Glenn asked.

Steve Cortes, a host at Newsmax channel, said it was not the responsibility of US taxpayers to fund Israel’s missile defense system.

“Israeli ‘defense’ means defense of apartheid. And Israel has plenty of money for its own ‘defense’, why do American taxpayers need to pay for it?” The Empire Files questioned.

While Rashida Tlaib, who calls herself unbossed Congresswoman, wrote, “Israel is an apartheid state. Period.”

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