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Land worth 8800 Crores freed from land mafia in Madhya Pradesh

After successful drive against Land Mafia, the Madhya Pradesh govt is now planning to start a similar drive against the sand and mineral mafia.

The Land Mafia lobby is strengthening its roots in Madhya Pradesh with alleged political patronage. However, the last few days have seen action against organized crime, land mafia and encroachment. It has been revealed that a determined administration can achieve results.

This move against the Madhya Pradesh land mafia helped free more than 2000 hectares of Government-owned land worth 8800 crores. Strict action against organized crime and the land mafia has been taken in four major cities-Indore, Jabalpur, Bhopal, and Gwalior. The biggest impact of this was seen in Indore, where government land worth 2445 crores were released.

Government Land Worth Crores Freed from Land Mafia

Dainik Bhaskar reports that the authorities in Jabalpur took strict action were taken against 89 criminals which included the dreaded Don Abdul Razzak, Mohammad Ahfaaz and Haji Ali. 315.69 hectares of land worth 339.87 crores were released. 89 houses were razed down during this drive.

The biggest action was concluded in Indore where the action was taken against 115 criminals. It included dreaded gangsters, Deepak Jain, Shyam Dhave, and Bharat Dhave. More than 72,487 hectares of land has been freed and the land is being redeveloped for tree plantations.

Gwalior and Bhopal also were included in this drive against organized crime and land grabbers. 430 hectares of land worth 430.79 crores have been freed in Gwalior while 94 plots worth 250 crores have been freed in Bhopal. 94 illegal structures have also been razed.

Open Schools & Old Age Homes To Be Opened

The Government plans to open schools and old age homes in the land freed from the land grabbers. Collectors of the four districts have already sent proposals to the Government and are waiting for approval before commencing these projects.

The outcome of the drive against the Madhya Pradesh Land Mafia has emboldened the authorities and they are now planning to start a similar drive against the sand and mineral mafia. The sand mafia is also well-entrenched and enjoys patronage from political parties. A major political leader in Jabalpur owns a fleet of dumpers transporting sand for 24 hours and is seldom stopped by the authorities. The main aim of the drive against organized crime is to break these elements economically and remove the fear of these elements from the mind of the common man.

Some Call MP Govt’s Activities Communally Motivated

Sceptics of the drive against organized crime are also aplenty. The opposition party has dubbed the recent actions as communally motivated and directed against a particular community. The trend to demolish houses of dissenters has also come under fire. In Ujjain houses of stone, pelters have been razed and it has created communal tensions. Police had to face opposition when they went to arrest dreaded criminal Abdul Razzak in his fortress-like home in Naya Mohalla. Naya Mohalla is mostly inhabited by residents of a particular community. The action was given a communal colour by some political parties.

Lately, the government has started to raze down illegal structures of criminals. In Ujjain, when members of a particular community threw stones at a procession of VHP, the police identified the culprits and proceeded to demolish their houses.

The fate of the Madhya Pradesh government’s drive against organized crime has started yielding results. However, if the drive also includes the sand, minerals and hooch mafia, it will bring a complete change in the image of the state. At present, Madhya Pradesh finds its place in the top five states where crime against women is highest.

How much the government will be able to rein in the different mafia’s in the state, only time will tell.

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