Twitter Circle will let you select who can see and respond to your tweets

Twitter Circle lets people choose their audience every time a tweet is typed in

If you are on Instagram, you know how your social media presence has been thriving with the ‘Close Friends’ list the platform has opened up for you. As if making the feature you already know even better, Twitter has ushered in its Circle, and is currently testing it to for perfection.

Circle is a new Twitter dole out that would let your tweets be seen and responded to by a select crowd you choose. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Though in its infancy, the Twitter Circle is a tad different from the already existing Twitter Communities, which offers people a dedicated place to connect, share, and get closer to the discussions they care about most with anyone on the social media platform. On the contrary, Circle would allow users to share those tweets they want only people they choose to see them. Twitter Circle also lets tweeple to choose their audience every time a tweet is written. It will also allow you to send a tweet to your Circle and the next to all your followers.

Twitter Circle users will be limited in number

Probably as an initial measure, Twitter will allow only a limited number of people globally on Twitter for iOS, Twitter for Android and to create Circle. If you are one among the chosen few, you will be able to click on the option to create a Circle when you compose a new Tweet.

 The social media company is said to be allowing only 150 people in a Circle. That also means that a user can choose the audience he or she wants to tweet to. In case the user wants to send a regular tweet, the “Everyone” option can be chosen and posted.

That brings us to the question as to who all can be in a Twitter Circle. The answer is anyone on Twitter can be added to a Circle, even if they don’t follow someone. Once a person is in the Circle, he or she can see tweets and reply to them in the Circle itself.

Testing underway, as Twitter space awaits Circle

The company is also restricting the number of Twitter Circle to one per user, as in whenever is eligible for the feature. With privacy a concern globally, there could be doubts on who all can see the members of a person’s Circle. The company has ensured that the full list of people in a Twitter Circle can be seen by only the user who owns the Circle. However, even though people won’t be able to see a list of Circle members, when someone likes or replies to a Circle tweet shared, members will be able to see the interaction that happens.

In the meantime, Twitter has also noted that people who are currently in a user’s Circle can see any Circle tweets that the user has shared as well as any non-protected replies to those tweets. If a Circle member keeps a protected account, only their followers who are in the user’s Circle can see their replies.

The Circle feature is currently undergoing testing at Twitter. Let’s wait to know more on that.

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