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‘They are out to destroy Kerala’, Gayatri Suresh about trolls

She urged that a criminal case be filed against them (trolls), so that such people are afraid to comment irresponsibly.

Actress Gayatri Suresh has asked Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to ban trolls on social media in Kerala.

The actress wants trolls to be banned and comments on social media to be removed.

Actress went live to share her views about online trolling

The actress’ request was made through a live video on Instagram in which she said that they (trolls) even have the power to destroy Kerala and that a criminal case should be filed against such people.

In the live video on social media, actress Gayatri said, “These trolls’ biggest purpose is to make fun of people. Once you access social media, there are only trolls and dirty comments. We are witnessing a sort of oppression. Let’s talk about this generation. The next generation will learn from this aggressive nature.”

“What is needed is not only people but a society that stands with others. I do not know where this is going. I’m not going anywhere, I’m so oppressed. I do not know,” she went on to say.

‘Trolls should be banned on social media’

While requesting the Kerala chief minister to ban trolls on social media, she said, “I have to say to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan sir. I respect you, sir. I like all of your ideas and actions. Social media has now become a ruling part of life. Isn’t it illegal to make money from drugs? So, isn’t it illegal to make money from trolls? The troll will come and then the comment. People are getting tense because of that comment.”

“Looking at Facebook yesterday, there are dirty comments at the bottom of everything. Sir, if possible, these trolls should be banned first for good. This is a request. The comment section should be turned off everywhere. On YouTube and Facebook. If you cannot remove the comments, trolls should be banned, sir. Something has to be done,” the actress said.

‘Trolls should be booked under criminal cases’

Stating that people should have fear, she advised that a criminal case should be registered against them (trolls). “I will say what I have to say. Do not let them grow like this. They have the power to destroy Kerala,” she warned.

Asking for support from the people, she said if she is not supported now, this day will pass like any other. She stated, “I get a lot of trolls. Will still be suppressed. I’m ready for that. I have vitamins in my body for that. But if you support me, a lot will change in society.”

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