Question paper for Haryana police constable jobs leaves candidates baffled

Congress challenges Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar to attempt the question paper and prove he is capable of at least 33% marks

To land a job as a police constable in Haryana could be a tough proposition. The question paper for the Sunday-to-Tuesday entrance exam for candidates who had applied for the job of a police constable in the state police is something that needs national attention.

A cursory look at the questions would make one feel that they are a set of queries to know what the candidates do not know rather than what they indeed know. The set of questions that have been set for job seekers who are looking at constable posts as a means to the future would leave anyone flummoxed.

If you aren’t convinced, sample this question:

Red blood cells in frogs are:
a. Nucleated. b. Enucleated c. Trifid d. Bifid

Here’s another one:

A body with pores and canals in walls is present in:
a. Amelida. b.Annelida c.Porifera. d. Ctenophora

And another one goes thus

Assimilation is a process of ……. in which the group acquires the memories, sentiments and attitudes of other groups:

a.  Interpretation and coordination. b. Interpretation and facilitation c. Interpretation and fusion. d. Facilitation and integration

World history to technology – the Question paper has it all

There are many more similar to these ones, as reported by The Print. The test had questions from subjects ranging from world history, economics, science and technology.

The brains behind the question paper must have imagined that these questions would test the candidates’ ability to comprehend them and find answers. What these questions actually did was to test the candidates’ patience! Many were left crestfallen seeing the questions.

As many as 8.29 lakh candidates appeared for the entrance exam conducted for 5,500 male constable vacancies. Significant here is the fact that the test was conducted for candidates whose minimum qualification was a Class-12 pass.

 These hapless candidates were for sure baffled seeing the questions arrayed before them by the Haryana Staff Selection Commission (HSSC), which conducted the exam.

Write test, prove capability: Congress dares CM, Minsters, DGP

The question paper was so tough that the issue leaked onto the public domain, and the Opposition Congress party raked it up against the state government.

Ridiculing the question paper set by the Haryana Staff Selection Commission, the Congress even went to the extent of challenging Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar and his minister in the state cabinet to attempt to answer the questions.  The Opposition leaders also wanted the Haryana Director General of Police also to sit for the test and try answering the questions.

Whatever be the case, the top brains at the HSSC need to understand that the youth who strive hard for jobs and apply as per directives issued by them aren’t somebody who should be taken for a ride. HSSC should have at least known that the minimum qualification called for was a Class 12 pass.

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