Apple iPhone 14 gears up for arrival; could sport a tag around Rs 80K

Apple may not increase the price of its iPhone 14 series, and this could be to lure more customers in the wake of high inflation.

Those of you gearing up to lay tour hands on Apple’s upcoming iteration of the iPhone could be in for some sort of luck. The Cupertino company seems to be lining up a price tag that reads similar to what it had sold the earlier model for. It is being rumoured that the iPhone 14 series would come with a similar price tag as of the iPhone 13.

That mean, when the phone arrives, it could be on sale for something around Rs 80,000. Now that is something Apple enthusiasts would also be looking for with bated breath. Rumour mills suggest that Apple may not increase the price of its iPhone 14 series, and that this could be to lure more customers in the wake of high inflation and chain restrictions.

Of course the market has been on a nosedive of late, and the smart devices sales counters are by and far stagnant. The US market place could line up the iPhone 14 for an amount of $799 in the US. In rupee terms this could read close to Rs 63,200 in India.

However, the factors such as GST and import duties could take it up to around Rs 80,000. In case you forgot, the iPhone 13 had been sold for Rs 79,990. You could get the iPhone 14 for around the same price.

Reveal of the Apple iPhone 14 awaited

announcement on These are speculations, though. Apple has not yet made an official announcement on what the phone would actually cost. Come September 13, and that would be when the official reveal of the Apple iPhone 14 would happen.

Having said that, a difference this time around would be that Apple would not bring in a mini version as it had done last time. Instead of the mini, the company could go for a max variant that could probably be placed in a slot between its standard variant and the iPhone 14 Pro.

Specs that charm

The iPhone 14 would come with some astounding features and the company would want to lure an additional number of customers this time around. The variants – iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max – will be driven by the A15 chipset. Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 Pro models will sport the new A16 SoC.

In the camera department, dual rear cameras we had seen in the last year’s variants would stay in the non-Pro models . However, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max could have the new 48-inch triple rear camera setup.

It will need September to arrive before a final announcement on all the specs and pricing comes about. Stay tuned.

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