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UN ropes in a ‘dinosaur’ to urge for immediate climate action

The United Nations Development Programme appears to be looking at all possible avenues for educating people about climate change and climate action.

In one of its innovative calls to persuade people to take climate change seriously, the United Nations (UN) has used a Computer-generated dinosaur in a video to spread awareness and urge people and world leaders alike to start acting about climate change.

The fascinating video has been posted on the United Nations’ official YouTube channel, as it seems the UN Development Programme apparently looks to explore all potential ways to educate people about the climate challenges.

‘Dinosaur’ breaks into UN General Assembly Hall

In the video, a dinosaur comes into the General Assembly Hall amid horrified screaming and befuddled gasps, taking to the platform to warn of what may happen if humankind does not address climate change.

‘Dreadful thing to become extinct’; Climate Action unprecedented

Asking the members to pay attention, the dinosaur speaks, saying it knows a thing or two about extinction.

It is a dreadful thing to become extinct, says the dinosaur, whose voice is provided by Jack Black. And about extinguishing oneself, the dinosaur states that it is the most ludicrous thing he has ever heard in 70 million years.

At the very least, the dino believes that there was an asteroid that ended their species. “What’s your justification?” the dino asks the members at the UN General Assembly.

‘Save your species, before it’s too late’

After listening to the ‘creature’, audience members seem to be moved, nodding and admiringly glancing at the dinosaur.

As the members look on, the dino concludes, saying that extinction is not an option. “Save your species, before it’s too late!” it warns. This final sentence also receives a standing ovation.

Video produced in various lingual versions

Pertinently, different actors from around the world appear in other versions of the video. For example, Eiza González appears in the Spanish version, while Game of Thrones alum Nikolaj Coster-Waldau appears in the Danish version, and Assa Maga appears in the French video.

The video is part of a UNDP effort to raise awareness about the dangers of climate change and encourage international leaders to take action.

World pays $423 billion yearly to support fossil fuels

The world pays $423 billion yearly merely to support fossil fuels, according to the organization’s data, which it claims is enough to cover a COVID-19 immunisation for every person on the planet or three times the annual sum needed to erase global poverty.

It would not be out of place to mention here that world leaders are meeting in Glasgow, Scotland for the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

The latest conference, which has been labelled as ‘the world’s best last chance’ to address the climate crisis, is taking place from October 31 to November 12.

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