Iran Denies Involvement in Jordan Base Attack, Cites Regional Conflict Dynamics

Amidst Speculations, Iranian Mission to UN Asserts Non-Involvement in Deadly Drone Strike.

Iran: In response to the recent deadly drone attack on a US military base in Jordan, Iran’s permanent mission to the United Nations has emphatically stated that the Islamic Republic played no part in the assault. The representative of Iran at the UN clarified that the nation had no connection whatsoever with the attack on the US base, attributing the incident to the ongoing conflict between US forces and regional resistance groups, which engage in retaliatory actions.

The statement from the Iranian mission comes as some critics of the US administration, along with hawkish Republicans, attempted to link the Al-Tanf base attack to Iran. Despite media reports quoting unnamed American officials expressing uncertainty about Iran’s involvement, the Iranian mission firmly denied any role.

On a related note, the Washington Post reported that the Iraqi Islamic Resistance claimed responsibility for the attack on American forces in Jordan. The group’s statement declared, “We declare our responsibility for the attack that targeted American forces in Jordan.” An official from the Iraqi Islamic Resistance warned of escalating attacks if the United States continues to support Israel.

This development is part of a series of retaliatory actions by resistance groups based in Iraq against US bases in Iraqi and Syrian territories. The attacks, conducted via missiles and drones, are a response to perceived Israeli crimes against Palestinians in Gaza. Additionally, the groups express discontent with the US military presence in the region, considering it a source of instability, coupled with Washington’s support for the Israeli regime in its ongoing conflict with Gaza.

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