Zscaler and ISAC Foundation Inaugurate ‘CopConnect Café’ in Bengaluru

Empowering Communities Through Collaborative Cybersecurity Solutions.

Bengaluru, 17 May 2024: In a collaborative effort to address India’s growing cybercrime challenges, Zscaler, a leading cybersecurity company, and ISAC Foundation, India’s premier non-profit organization in cybersecurity, have inaugurated “Cop Connect Café” at Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology & Management (DSATM) in Bengaluru. This initiative, driven by Zscaler’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, underscores the companies’ commitment to enhancing cyber hygiene and safety in communities across the globe.  

The inauguration ceremony, held today, marked a significant step towards providing the community with a safe space to seek expert guidance and assistance in case of cyber frauds. Honorable Justice Mr. H.P. Sandesh, High Court, Karnataka, Mr. M. Ravishankar, Principal, Dayanand Sagar Academy of Technology and Management, Mr. P. Anand Naidu, Director, ISAC, and Akhil Airan, Head, Social Impact, Zscaler were present at the inauguration. Through a multi-disciplinary approach involving cyber psychologists, technical experts, and legal advisors, individuals affected by cybercrimes receive comprehensive support tailored to their needs.

Zscaler and ISAC Foundation Inaugurate 'CopConnect Café' in Bengaluru
(L) Hon’ Justice, Mr. H.P. Sandesh, High Court, Karnataka, (R )Mr. M Ravishankar, Principal, DSATM along with ISAC and Zscaler team members.

The café, set up in partnership with ISAC, aims to build a cyber security ecosystem in the region by empowering individuals with the necessary knowledge, training, and assistance to tackle online threats effectively. 

Key points highlighted during the inauguration include the café’s role in training professors and students to become certified Cybersecurity First Responders, thereby enabling them to support their communities in times of need. Additionally, the café will conduct general cybersecurity awareness programs and establish women safety clubs to enhance cyber hygiene in colleges. 

ISAC Foundation (Information Sharing and Analysis Centre), India’s leading non-profit foundation in cybersecurity and a partner with CERT-IN, AICTE, and the Ministry of Education, Government of India, plays a pivotal role in India’s cybersecurity landscape. Partnering with key government agencies and educational institutions, ISAC Foundation promotes cybersecurity awareness and information sharing, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange to combat cyber threats in the country.

Zscaler, renowned for its zero trust security solutions, has been actively involved in developing a social impact program in cybersecurity, in partnership with ISAC. As part of this program, Zscaler is sponsoring the set-up costs for these Cop Connect Cafes in colleges and universities, providing a dedicated space for the public as well as students to seek expert guidance and support in addressing cyber fraud incidents.

Vishal Gautam, Vice President of Engineering and Site Managing Director at Zscaler, emphasized the importance of creating cybersecurity awareness and hygiene in India, comparing it to the nationwide cleanliness campaign, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Cybersecurity is a team game and it is critical that both public and private sectors continue to collaborate to address the growing threat of cyber-attacks in the country,” he added.

While Cybersecurity awareness and cybercrime first aid are at the core of CopConnect Cafe, tools like Hacked Or Not Kiosk (HONK) can be very useful in protecting the persons as well as internet connected devices”, said Mr Rajshekhar P, Founder Director ISAC. 

Through initiatives like the Cop Connect Café, Zscaler and ISAC Foundation are paving the way for a safer digital environment in India, one community at a time. With plans to expand the program nationwide and forge stronger partnerships with educational institutions, they are committed to empowering individuals and building a future which is more connected, secure and equitable. 

Download the Cop Connect app from the Google Play Store here to access essential tools and resources for cyber safety and support. 

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