Yellow hue issue in Windows 11 prompts Microsoft to look for a fix

Windows 11 users who had been on editing programs found white regions in images turning yellow

The new Windows 11 had charmed users when it arrived a couple of months ago. Users were pretty happy with the offerings that the new Windows version had brought with it.

However, there seems to be a glitch somewhere inside. Users who had been on editing programs suddenly felt like a hassle popping up and that came about as a big deterrent.

Some of the editing programs in Windows 11 when in use brought forth a colour issue, wherein a bright yellow tint took over the white parts of the images being edited.

Microsoft swung into action to find out the issue and has now confirmed that a colour issue has been affecting image edits on certain HDR displays.

Windows 11 bug proves to be an issue

Having white regions of images showing up as they are dipped in yellow isn’t cool. Microsoft knows that very well and is looking into it as a matter of much concern. Such unwelcome hue on professionally edited images could even force serious users think of staying on with Windows 11.

The problem here is that the colour issue continues to remain undefined, though Microsoft is battling the bug that causes it. Microsoft has found that the bug has been playing with the version 21H2 of the Windows OS. The software behemoth has acknowledged that the bug impacts version 21H2 and that certain image editors and HDR displays might show the issue.

Microsoft works to set things right

Microsoft has said that the problem arose when certain colour-rendering Win32 APIs return unexpected information or errors under specific conditions. Though that is what Microsoft clarifies, it is also true that users have complained that the white turning yellow couldn’t be the only symptom of a bigger issue. It is yet to be ascertained whether the problem could be of a larger magnitude.

The company has gone ahead and stated that all colour profile management programs haven’t been affected. It added that the colour profile options in the Windows 11 Settings page would function without any hassle.

It is expected that Microsoft would very soon resolve the issue, before it causes further embarrassment. The company could try and get things fixed by the end of next month.

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