Windows 11 launch event to be live-streamed on Microsoft’s event page

Windows 11 will sport a fresh, simpler start-up and set-up experience too and the cherry on top is a new start-up sound

American tech giant Microsoft is all set to reveal the next generation of its operating system for PCs at a virtual event scheduled for later today. The grand showcase will be streamed publicly so people can watch as the launch event progresses.

According to Mashable, the launch will be live-streamed on Microsoft‘s event page and although there’s no live link generated on YouTube yet, Microsoft will showcase the event via its official channel there. For now, the events page contains a link to put a reminder in the calendar for its launch. The Windows 11 event will take place at 8:30 PM IST. The calendar reminder on Microsoft’s event page gives an end time of 9:30 PM IST, so the Windows 11 event should be an hour long.

Earlier this month, a Windows 11 build leaked online, revealing what appears to be a near-final version of the upcoming operating system. Although everyone’s already made their mind up about what they can expect out of Windows 11, Microsoft is yet to even confirm the name, let alone hint at any of the new improvements we saw in the leaked build.

Recently, Microsoft did post hints in a video that’s exactly 11-minute long of Windows start-up sounds. People have also theorized that the shadows cast from the Windows logo in Microsoft’s event invite looked like an ’11’.
It’s evident from the leaked screenshots of Windows 11 that Microsoft has put in a lot of effort on design changes. There’s a new Start and taskbar interface and the design improvements take from Microsoft’s now-shelved Windows 10X.

Originally meant for the Surface Neo tablet and dual-screen Windows devices that were supposed to be the next big tech phenomenon, Windows 10X evolved into a Chrome OS-like lightweight version of Windows, but eventually, Microsoft scrapped development entirely.

The Windows taskbar will now feature centered app icons which look like the macOS dock. Additionally, the Start menu will now open within the center of the screen. It will include pinned apps, recent files and buttons for shutting down or restarting Windows 11.

The taskbar also features a new addition, a ‘Widgets’ button. Although Widgets won’t load within the leaked Windows 11 build, it does suggest Microsoft plans to bring back Windows Widgets.

Windows 11 will sport a fresh, simpler start-up and set-up experience too and the cherry on top is a new start-up sound. The refreshed OS features rounded corners on app windows. One other highly anticipated new feature in Windows 11 is the new Store experience.

As per Mashable, during last month’s annual developer conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had teased “significant updates” for Windows that will focus on the economic opportunity for developers and creators.

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