Cyberattacks can now be stopped with a new AI-enabled self-aware mechanism

A new security system devised by the researchers at the Purdue University brings in an artificial intelligence-enabled wall to block cyberattacks

At a time when cyberattacks have increased beyond imaginable levels, the world has come to appoint where traditional anti-virus software and firewalls are proving to be ineffective. Once an anti-virus software is introduced, attackers find innumerable ways to bypass such security walls erected before them.

The result is that most of the systems open up before sophisticated attackers who hack into them sans no effort whatsoever. Detection of security flaws have increased manifold and even if systems look like they are attack-proof, someone out there finds a hole in no time sneaks the systems in no time.

It is here that a new security system devised by the researchers at Purdue University comes as immensely significant. The new security system has been brought forth as running entirely on artificial intelligence (AI).

Self-aware cyber-physical mechanism to stop intense cyberattacks

A new security model that deploys “cyber-physical” systems that are self-aware and can self-heal is what we are talking about. The AI-enabled security has been moulded in such a way that the system sends one-time signals to every connected component, thereby turning them into active monitoring systems. These monitoring systems are programmed such that they are continuously looking for potential intrusion from various quarters.

The researchers who have built this security wall has made it self-aware, that even if attackers put to play perfect copies of the model, it is capable of finding out such manipulations. Thus, attackers don’t even stand a chance to break-in.

Quoting Arvind Sundaram, a graduate student in nuclear engineering at Purdue University, a Mashable report said that the new AI-enabled security system responds to its inputs. By making the system self-aware, an anomaly detection model within itself is in place.

Malicious inputs to find entry difficult

In case something is wrong, the self-aware security system not only detects the anomaly but also swings itself into action by combating the malicious input that is trying to sneak into the system.

In a world of intense attacks, such artificial intelligence-enabled self-aware security could become the need of the hour. Further, attackers who possess the most criminal tendencies would be forced to stay off such systems that wouldn’t let their deviant technologies enter secure spaces.

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