Tech in wrong hands: Car thieves make deviant use of Apple AirTags

Apple AirTags had made it easier for people to tag and monitor their gadgets in case they got lost.

Any innovation is good. But if such new age innovations fall into the wrong hands, it could mean catastrophe. Apple seems to have found that happening in its universe.

If you would remember, the Cupertino based technology behemoth had invented the AirTags, which was touted as a major step in the technology arena. These AirTags which made their advent in April last year was seen as a must have tech, considering the rate at which people misplaced their gadgets and were unable to find them.

With the arrival of AirTags, it became easier for people to tag and monitor their devices in case they got lost. Apple had made this possible and easy to use by helping device owners to link their gadgets to its own “Find My” network through Bluetooth signals. Made to secure and trace lost items, AirTags had been a hit with many Apple device owners going for it ever since it arrived.

Automobile thieves get hold of Apple AirTags

But then suddenly, AirTags is created quite a furore for the way it is being used in a deviant manner. It is being reported that thieves have begun taking advantage of AirTags and the technology’s capabilities to steal automobiles. Premium vehicles have been found as disappearing all of a sudden, and further probe has found that thieves have been deploying the technology to make this happen.

By putting to use screwdrivers, thieves make their access easy into automobiles via the driver’s or passenger’s doors. While doing so, they ensure that no alarm goes off too.

Premium cars targeted by thieves

The modus operandi go thus: The thieves plant AirTags at out-of-sight spots and then target the premium automobiles that are parked in public places. These vehicles are closely monitored and then tracked as they are driven by the owners to their homes. Once the automobile is parked in the home’s drive away, the thieves stealthily take them.

Canada and other regions of the world have witnessed car thieves armed with Apple AirTags at play. Vehicle owners in these regions are being advised by cops to park vehicles in closed garages and secure them.

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