Apple AR headset with Mac-level computing power in the offing

The AR headset will come with a higher-end main processor that has properties similar to the M1 chip seen in the first set of Apple silicon Macs

How about sporting an augmented reality headset which is armed with some amazing Mac-level computing power? In case you aren’t convinced, let’s tell you that this is going to be a reality.

Apple has in fact been in the works, developing an AR headset that bears a pair of processors that support high-end capabilities. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst, who is always pumped up on gathering Apple intelligence, has put out the secret of the new upcoming AR headset from the company’s stables.

M1 chip properties in AR headset

Kuo has reportedly revealed that the higher-end main processor could have properties similar to the M1 chip which Apple had embedded in the first set of Apple silicon Macs last year. This apart, a lower-end processor will also be deployed to take care of the sensor-related aspects of the upcoming augmented reality headset.

It is being said that the new AR headset will come with capabilities that would allow it to operate independently sans any tethering to an Apple Mac or iPhone. The company would make it such a way that it would aid a large range of applications.

By doing this, Apple could be expecting to see a replacement to the ‌iPhone‌, may be in a decade’s time.

Apple AR headset to arrive in Q4 of 2022

Going by the rate at which news about the AR headset is flowing of late, we need to expect the device to be out in the marketplace by around the fourth quarter of 2022. That means it is just round the corner, if you are an optimist.

The headset that will arrive will have as its ammunition both the processors – that is both higher end Mac-level power and a lower-end sensor-specific one.

The upcoming headset could also come with capabilities to support virtual reality (VR) experiences. This is a guess, but the pair of 4K Micro OLED displays from Sony that would go into it might give it such abilities for sure.

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