BJP-Congress battle in Manipur; Who will have the last laugh?

It looks like the BJP-Congress fight is heating up, but NPF could play the final shot

Even as so much is being written about the assembly polls scenario in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Goa, the little state of Manipur has been seeing much action in terms of fight for the ballot.

The two parties that are at the centre of all the action are the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress, going by what has been happening, the two parties are set to fight it out fiercer than ever. This because, gaining power in Manipur is as important as doing it elsewhere. Considering the political phase the country is in today, both these prominent political outfits wouldn’t want to throw away any opportunity that comes by.

Going by the recent ABP-CVOTER Battle for the States survey, the BJP is estimated to poll 36 per cent votes while the Congress could expect 33 per cent votes in the upcoming elections. These estimates make it look like the two parties are closely poised and who will overtake who is the big question that is being debated across the state.

BJP-Congress fight rages on

Manipur has a 60-member Assembly. And when the state hits the polls in two phases (February 27 and March 3), the BJP-Congress fight is sure to be totally hot. The counting of votes is to happen on March 10.

The survey numbers point to a thin line that separates the two parties. However, as days go by, the scenario could change, considering that so much drama has been happening across the other four pol-bound states.

With such a wafer-thin margin being estimated, there are many other facts that could add to the thrill. Most prominent among them is the presence of the regional Naga ethnic party NPF. The NPF could have voters who would want its candidates to win certain regions, and that number could make the whole process sway.

The Naga factor is not something that could be ignored. Polarisation on ethnic lines need not be ignored. May be the BJP and the Congress to would know that better, and the two national parties could act in such a way that the advantage is theirs.

NPF factor not to be ignored

The seats each of these national parties could bag pointing to not much of a difference, these two parties may not be the ultimate decision maker as to who would form the government. That, in fact, would most probably give the regional NPF outfit the chance to decide as the role of kingmaker could naturally come to its table.

BJP would want to assert itself as Manipur’s ruling party. The Congress wouldn’t think differently. NPF and its stance would mean much for the state too. Who would get the chance to prove their worth is a question that would continue seeking answers till March 10.

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