Vikram Singh: For the People, Among the People

Fatehpur’s former MLA Vikram Singh finds himself immersed in solving problems that affect the local people around him

Even as the country as a whole needs attention in terms of development and welfare measures, there is also the need to focus on the local people and to address their issues. Addressing each and every issue that the common man faces is what Vikram Singh, former legislator from Fatehpur, in Uttar Pradesh, focusses on. And, he has seen much success, indeed.

From the moment he was elected MLA of Fatehpur, and later as former MLA, Vikram Singh has been a consistent performer in Fatehpur. Ask the voters in his locality and they will vouch for all the good work he has done to bring development in Fatehpur. Be it the new Kendriya Vidyalaya that is finally coming to Fatehpur or the country’s first ever Railway Park, Vikram Singh has been the man who has toiled to make them all happen.

In an exclusive chat for Digpu’s Sugar-Milk-Salt, Vikram Singh tells Reba Ayaz about a range of topics that concerns the development of Fatehpur, the state of Uttar Pradesh and the country as a whole. When it comes to Uttar Pradesh, Singh is glad that he is part of state that has all that a nation has, minus the defence forces and foreign affairs avenues. In size and population, a state that could well be considered the seventh largest in the world, had it been a nation, Uttar Pradesh is currently in the right hands, Vikram Singh says.

UP CM Yogi Adityanath is a non-corrupt politician: Vikram Singh

For, the state’s Chief Minister is one of a kind. The most non-corrupt politician, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has the development of Uttar Pradesh and its people as his priority, Singh points out.

Seen as a saffron-clad saint, Yogi Adityanath is always amongst his people, doing all that is needed for them and bringing smiles to their faces. And all the while, he makes sure there are no selfish gains involved as he works all day for the welfare of the masses. Such devotion and commitment is rare, feels Singh.

To a query on what was the need to rechristen Allahabad to Prayag Raj, Singh elaborates that the criticism on renaming Allahabad to Prayag Raj is baseless. This, he explains, is because, Allahabad was once upon a time Prayag Raj, and the current administration just brought back that name to the city that was named Allahabad sometime in between. Nobody talks about why it was renamed Allahabad when it was already Prayag Raj, Singh says. 

Politicians should not see politics as a money making business

For Vikram Singh, addressing the issues of the local people of Fatehpur comes on top. To be with them, handhold them to prosperity and usher in development to Fatehpur is what he has been doing ever since he turned active in politics.  

He also lashed out at the practice of seeing politics as a money making venture. Discussing his way of functioning and why he stays low profile, Singh makes it clear the he would be seen more among the people of his constituency and trying to solve their problems. I get encircled by the people around me and I take time out to listen to them and trying to solve their problems, he adds.

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