MNM scouts for eligible individuals to be fielded as party candidates for upcoming polls

Kamal Haasan’s MNM is pasting posters across Chennai to pick individuals to be fielded as party candidates

The rural local body elections held in nine districts of Tamil Nadu seem to have opened a window of realisation for the Makkal Neethi Maiyyam (MNM) after it had encountered massive ridicule and criticism for not being able to field the required number of candidates.

The MNM was able to find only 28 candidates for the District Councillor polls then, while the voting was for 140 seats. This, in fact, came as a major setback for the new political outfit floated by National Award winning actor turned politician Kamal Haasan.

As if in a move to prevent such things from happening, the party has now decided to do things in a much better way so as to find the right candidates for the upcoming urban local body elections. The polling is scheduled for February, and the party believes this is the right time to be ready with the candidate selection.

MNM posters pasted ahead of urban local body polls

To put on array a set of professional candidates who really mean to do good for Tamil Nadu, the party floated by Kamal Haasan has pasted posters across Chennai in the run up to the urban local body polls.

The posters have a common theme – that of inviting prospective candidates who would contest the polls on behalf of the Makkal Neethi Maiyyam. The party is serious about the forthcoming polls and wants to field the best candidates so as to make a mark.

It may be recalled that the party had fielded candidates for the 2021 Assembly elections and garnered a vote share that was not at all bad for a new comer. As many as 20,000 votes were polled by the MNM candidates in the Assembly elections.

MNM now wants to do things better with the best candidates it can pick from a pool of eligible individuals. The invitation posters that aim at luring the serious and forward looking people, who it can field when the election process gets underway, are a new means of candidate selection, it may be seen.

Actor-turned politician wants the best candidates

Actor-turned politician Kamal Haasan looks to change the political arena with the right mix of candidates that his party would field for the upcoming polls of February. Apart from being active in his profession, the actor is also looking to create an impact in Tamil Nadu through his Makkal Neethi Maiyyam party.

As the poll process for the urban local bodies are set to get underway, he would want to make a major chunk of the voters in Chennai stand by his party.

As a celebrity who has a connect with the general public, Kamal Haasan would want to make the most of it and try and give the people, who love him, better administration starting with the local bodies. The posters are a step towards that. It remains to be seen how far the posters would do their bit in helping the MNM top brass zero in on the best candidates.

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