O’ Mitron is dangerous than Omicron: Tharoor jibe and the way it irks the BJP

Sashi Tharoor aimed the jibe at PM Modi, but the BJP is not very happy about it

Social media is abuzz with various takes on a Sashi Tharoor comment targeted at Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is the election season and such jibes take centre stage every time they are uttered. This one, however, is making Tharoor’s fans have a good laugh, while the BJP is seeing red.

Tharoor, a senior leader of the Congress party and the MP from Thiruvananthapuram is a man known for his amazing way with words. This time too, it was indeed a play of words, and the jibe has hit the spot that Sashi Tharoor wanted it to. But, the BJP is not very happy about it.

Tharoor jibe ruffles BJP feathers

When Tharoor said ‘O Mitron’ is far more dangerous than Omicron, it indeed was an attack on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and had stemmed from the way the Prime Minister addresses gatherings.  Tharoor went on to add that “we are measuring the consequences of the latter every day in increased polarisation, promotion of hatred & bigotry, insidious assaults on the Constitution and the weakening of our democracy”.

In short, Tharoor’s jibe was loaded. Accusing the Prime Minister of polarising the country, and weakening the democracy, Tharoor took the battle to the five states where the Assembly elections are scheduled. The jibe can be termed as part of Tharoor’s campaign for the Congress party in these states.

Social media handles that support Tharoor and the Congress are celebrating the Congress leader’s words and are endorsing it in a big way. Meanwhile, the jibe hasn’t gone down well with the BJP. The party is irked, obviously, as Sashi Tharoor, with a huge number of followers, has targeted the Prime Minister. BJP spokesperson Shehzaad Poonawalla went on record saying that Tharoor’s remark was an attempt to make light of the serious Covid situation.

Tharoor and his ‘Congress-yukt BJP’ statement

This election season, this is not Tharoor’s first attack on the BJP. Soon after senior party colleague RPN Singh dumped the party and switched allegiance to the BJP, Tharoor made an attack on the BJP saying that now it is a “Congress-yukt BJP”.

While most of the Congress party leaders termed RPN Singh’s Congress exit and BJP entry as an act of cowardice, Tharoor preferred to play with words, this time in Hindi, and said “Chorh kar ja rahe hain ghar apna, shayad unke kuch aur sapne hain, ab udhar bhi sab apna sa hai, ab udhar bhi toh sabhi apne hain. (Congress-yukt BJP)” This meant, RPN Singh is leaving his home, maybe he has other dreams; now there also it feels homely, there also are his own people”.

With the latest ‘O Mitron is dangerous than Omicron’ jibe finding its target, BJP will look to downplay it, by attributing it to Tharoor’s playing down of the virus situation. Tharoor, as we know him, will soon come with more such play of words.

Sanjeev Ramachandran

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