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Two more killings’ trigger migration of non-locals in Kashmir

Non-locals from various states of the country, mostly Bihar, were seen leaving for their native places across the valley early on Monday.

Unknown gunmen opened fire on two non-locals in the Kulgam district of south Kashmir on Sunday evening, killing two and injuring another.

As per reports, the gunmen opened fire on them at Wanpoh area of Kulgam, killing two people — Raja Reshi Dev and Joginder Reshi Dev, both from Bihar — while injuring the other.

The wounded, Chun Chun Reshi Das son of Bihar’s Teju Das, were sent to Government Medical College Anantnag for treatment. He was described as stable by the doctors.

Latest attack triggers non-locals’ migration

This latest attack on non-locals triggered panic across the valley, with most of them readying to leave the valley.

Groups of migrant labourers were seen departing from Srinagar, and in other southern Kashmir areas.

“The situation is worse now. We’re afraid since we have children with us, therefore we’re returning to our home,” a Rajasthani migrant told media.

Another non-local Mohammad Subhan from Bihar told Digpu News that they had to leave because they were asked to do so. “We were asked to leave by the local authorities as the recent killings of non-locals has made our stay full of risks in Kashmir,” he added.

Order asking non-locals to leave goes viral but police terms it ‘fake’

On Sunday evening, an order quoting IGP Kashmir went viral on social media, which asked for gathering all non-local labourers in security establishments.

According to the viral order, all DIGs were instructed to transport all non-local labourers to police stations and Army camps.

The order did add to the panic and many non-locals preferred to leave for their homes instead of being shifted to security forces’ camps.

Later, the order was declared ‘fake’ by Inspector General of Police Vijay Kumar. There has been no such order issued, the chief police officer said while saying it was all a fabrication.

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