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Nihang Saravjit Singh arrested for brutal killing at Singhu Border

Nihang Saravjit Singh, who claimed the murder, surrendered to the police on Friday evening and was thereafter arrested.

Following a brutal death at a farmers’ protest site near Singhu Border on the Haryana-Delhi border, media reports said, a member of the warrior Sikh group ‘Nihang’ surrendered on Friday evening.

The man, named Nihang Saravjit Singh, surrendered to the police and was consequently detained. After admitting responsibility for the murder, police started questioning the man.

Today, the police are expected to present the detained Saravjit Singh before the court.

Important clues found about the brutal killing: Police

Earlier, the corpse of the slain was found around 5 AM on Friday, according to the police, after which the local Police Station Kundli was informed. The victim’s right foot and left hand had been severed.

JS Randhawa, Superintendent of Sonipat Police, claimed that important clues had been found near the murder site, as per ANI.

Moreover, a forensic team has already investigated the location, according to Sandeep Khirwar, IGP (Rohtak Range).

Victim identified as a Dalit labourer

Lakhbir Singh, a 35-year-old man from Punjab‘s Tarn Taran area, is the victim, according to authorities.

Lakhbir, a Dalit labourer, is survived by a sister, a wife, and three kids, the eldest of whom is just 12 years old and the youngest of whom is eight.

According to unconfirmed sources, Lakhbir Singh was tortured to death and had his left hand and right foot cut for allegedly desecrating the Sikh sacred book, the Guru Granth Sahib. The victim was then fastened to a police barrier and left there to be found.

Viral videos show ‘Nihangs’ behind the killing

Several videos have gone viral, showing a huge gathering of men clothed as Nihangs – a Sikh ‘warrior’ organisation – standing around Lakhbir Singh and questioning him.

In one video, the group is shown standing over him after his left hand is severed. Lakhbir lies bleeding, his eyes glazed with agony. The men, some wielding spears, can be heard demanding that the victim reveal his true identity.

Another video depicts Lakhbir Singh’s body being hanged upside down. However, the veracity of these videos could not be verified.

Samyukt Kisan Morcha distances itself from the episode

The Samyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM), the umbrella group of farmers unions’ movement against farm laws, has denounced the murder and distanced itself from the entire episode.

In a statement, SKM stated that they want to make it clear that both sides – the Nihang group and the slain – have no relationship with the Kisan Morcha.

The organization further stated that religious sacrilege was abhorred, but that no one could take the law into their own hands. The farmers’ group stated that those who are responsible must be punished, and it also offered the police its cooperation.

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