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MP in grip of dengue, health care system finds it tough to cope

Dengue cases rise in Madhya Pradesh, state health care system finds itself in a spot

Madhya Pradesh is in the grip of its worst incidence of dengue and viral fever. The worst-affected districts are Jabalpur, Rewa, Narsinghpur and Mandsaur.

More than 3000 cases have been reported across the state with six suspected deaths. The health care system in the state is notorious for under reporting of cases as well as deaths. This was evident in the second wave of Covid-19.

It is not the first time that the state has been hit by a viral and dengue outbreak. Every year during the rainy season the same story is repeated. Water logged potholes in the roads and choked drains are a perfect breeding place for mosquitoes, especially the dengue carrier Aedes Aegypti mosquito.

The Lokmat reported that the local administration has brought about a ban on the use of coolers in the state. Coolers, especially window coolers, are commonly used in the summer months. These devices are not dismantled during the rainy season and the stagnant water in the cooler tanks serve as ideal breeding places for mosquitoes.

The district malaria officer has been quoted in media reports, that there has been a surge in dengue cases in the state and precautionary measures have been taken. Steps include fogging and spraying larvaecide in stagnant pools of water.

However, the measures have been deemed inadequate by residents of Jabalpur. Residents declare that they can ensure cleanliness in their homes, but the surroundings, especially drains and water logged holes, are more dangerous than cooler tanks.

Meanwhile, the High Court of the state has stepped in and asked for details of the steps taken by the health department to tackle the dengue epidemic. A petition filed by social activist Saurabh Sharma had pleaded with the High Court to intervene since the state administration has failed in controlling the epidemic.

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