MP’s government schools don’t restrict spending but lag behind in quality education: ASER Report

The state-run schools have more than 30 activities on paper. The majority of the time, however, is spent by state government teachers inputting various data to the Shiksha Portal.

The State of Madhya Pradesh has once again fallen back in the Annual Status of Education Report or ASER. A look at the money spent reveals that in 2019-20, the state spent 42768 crore rupees on 91.10 lakh kids from Class 1st to Class 12th. It comes out to roughly Rs 47,000 spent on every child for one year.

One will be surprised to know that this amount is equal or more than the average fees realized by reputed private institutions in major cities like Indore or Bhopal.

Government schools in MP lag far behind private ones

The quality of education between the private schools and State Government-run schools are alike as chalk and cheese. On the one hand, we have the Government-run schools in Delhi rubbing shoulders with the best and premium schools in Delhi, the Government-run schools in Madhya Pradesh are not even able to provide a reasonable standard of education to the enrolled kids.

Private schools conduct sports and socially productive activities. These also provide computer and arts & crafts activities. On paper, the State-run schools have more than 30 activities.

Government teachers’ time is consumed mostly by activities other than teaching

However, most of the time of the state government teachers is taken up in uploading various data to the Shiksha Portal. The data, which the teachers are uploading, is also doubtful and there are no mechanisms of verification.

The government teachers are also loaded with the responsibility of other duties like collecting data, survey, vaccination programs, and election duties. It is a foregone conclusion that the education standard of the students studying in these schools will fall.

The Education Department data reveals that there are 99,407 government schools in the state. 9,11,0300 students are studying in these schools. A total of 42,768 crore rupees were spent on these students. The total budget in 2019-20 was 26,483 crores. Of these, 24 thousand crores were spent on teachers’ salaries. In spite of this, the education levels of the state-run schools lag far behind the private schools.

Most private schools have a policy of accountability but for government-run schools, there is no such mechanism to gauge the quality of education being provided in the school. There are no parent-teacher meetings or if any, it is only a ceremonial affair.

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