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Budget constraints derail self-employment projects in Madhya Pradesh

More than 32 lakh unemployed youths are registered with the State Employment portal

A large number of teachers and young entrepreneurs having lost their livelihood during the Covid-19 pandemic, the employment scenario in Madhya Pradesh contnues to be grim. The state government had started three ambitious projects under the Chief Minister’s name, but all these three projects are lying idle for the last nine months. Portals where unemployed youths were supposed to register are not working. The government has also been taking an indifferent approach when it comes to providing funds for starting business for the young entrepreneurs.

More than 32 lakh unemployed youths are registered with the State Employment portal. Of them, only 16,000 unemployed youths have been able to obtain employment. Lack of funds has affected all the three projects which have been started in the name of the Chief Minister.

The three projects – Chief Minister Self Employment and Farmer Entrepreneur Project, Chief Minister Economic welfare Project, and Chief Minister Young Entrepreneur Project are all in limbo since December 2020. These projects had earlier provided margin money as well as grants for the payment of interest on loans to the beneficiaries. The banks provided loans to the applicants under these projects.

More than 32 lakh unemployed youths are registered with the State Employment portal

No aid for Scheduled Tribe entrepreneurs in Mandla since 2015

Dainik Bhaskar has reported that Scheduled Tribes Entrepreneurs in Mandla have not received any aid since 2015. The Madhya Pradesh Scheduled Tribe Finance and Development Corporation was set up to provide self employment to Scheduled Tribe youths.

However, in Mandla district, which is predominantly inhabited by Scheduled Tribes, no beneficiary has received any margin money or grants for interest of loans from the nodal banks between 2015 and 2020.

The current government, which is in in its third innings, is facing a financial crisis because of its economic mismanagement. Money for development, education and welfare is often the first casualty when any state faces an economic crisis.

As the Covid-19 pandemic subsides and economy is slowly finding its feet, unemployed youths still await for the help which has been promised by the Chief Minister.

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