Transparency in Kerala PWD projects to be ensured with a project management system in place by 2022

The project management system will help people and the administration to track the progress of each phase of the PWD projects till completion.

In a bid to usher in transparency and speed in operations of all works undertaken by the Public Works Department in Kerala, the government will soon line up a project management system wherein details of all the PWD projects would be available for tracking.

As per the proposed project management system, tracking the progress of each phase of the public works project till its completion would be possible.

Project management system to go live next year

The project management system will go on stream in 2022, according to PA Mohammad Riyas, Minister for Public Works and Tourism, Government of Kerala.

The proposed project management system will be designed in such a way that all information regarding the public works initiatives will also be made available. The dashboard will display the start of the project, its expected finish date, and what percentage of work has progressed at any given time. This system will also be helpful for contractors as it would provide them with the opportunity to report the issues they face.

MLAs, general public can track progress of works

So as to make the system comprehensive, it will also have a provision to update information related to the Head of the Department, District Collector, State Nodal Officer and officials. The general public will be able to verify the progress of works in their locality and also file complaints if they have grievances. The local MLAs also will be able to monitor the progress of works in their constituency at any given time.

With technology being brought in towards making government project details accessible to the public, the administration looks at more transparency in all it does. According to the minister, a working calendar is being prepared by setting the required duration for each stage of public works.

It will specify the time to prepare the design, the time to prepare the investigation, the schedule of technical approval and the time of the tender, he added. Further, the calendar will also stipulate that the work must be completed within that time frame.

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