Netflix lures younger audiences with Kids Clips shorts feature

Netflix Kids Clips feature looks to bring in an added number of younger audiences who swear by TikTok

It’s a streaming world out there, and Netflix is going all out to make the most of all opportunities that are coming its way. After having introduced Netflix Games, the streaming behemoth is now targeting the kids.

In a bid to lure an added number of younger viewers to its platform, the streaming company has added short clips feature for kids. Modelled on the lines of TikTok clips, Netflix’s new service will have feature short clips from its vast library of TV and movies for kids.

Kids Clips for the younger audiences

Christened Kids Clips, the new service is being scheduled for roll out this week itself on its Netflix iOS app. The service will be available for kids living in the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America said a Mashable report.

Though it won’t entirely copy TikTok, Kids Clips will appear on the app in modes that can be accessed horizontally. The TikTok fixation had shown up earlier too when Netflix unveiled its Fast Laughs feed earlier this year. Fast Laughs had showcased short clips from TV shows, movies, and stand-up comedy shows.

If you look at it that way, Kids Clips may be seen as a repeat with smaller clips and child-friendly content being populated extensively on the app.  Kids will be able to access around 20 videos at a time. That is where the TikTok similarity ends. TikTok clips were unending and could be watched till one feels like stopping.

Shorter videos could lure younger viewers

It looks like Netflix has researched more on that terrain, as it is a known fact that shorter videos are seen as ideal watches for younger viewers.

Sometime back when Netflix Games arrived, it was only the Android users who could access the video game titles. That also meant that games from Netflix were not enabled for play on PC or gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox versions. iOS was also left out for the time being. But when it comes to Kids Clips, it is the iOS users who are getting lucky.

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