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Hathway Cable removes NDTV from its popular channels

Ever since Ravish Kumar tweeted about removal of NDTV from popular TV Channels at Hathway Cable, various hashtags including Boycott Reliance has been trending over Twitter.

Media is a double-edged sword and it can go either way. The government has always tried to control the fourth pillar of democracy. In a significant development, NDTV has been pulled out of the most popular channels by Hathway. It is notable that the Reliance Group is a major stakeholder in Hathway.

Is this yet another attempt to muzzle dissent? NDTV was never in the good books of the central government. So was their campaign to isolate the voices of dissent and put forth an array of nationalist agendas which is widely propagated by a media in awe and not in a mood to take on the Goliath.

Ravish Kumar’s anguish can be felt in his message posted by NDTV. It is the anguish of a common man who is afraid to put forth his dissenting voice in a media which is only satisfied by playing an affirmative role in the bigger design of a government that is hell-bent on pushing down the throat of an Indian public the pill that everything is all right and it is only a matter of time before everything will be normal as before.

Ravish Kumar bared his heart out and said that the program he makes for the audience is well-researched and a lot of effort goes into the process. He said that it is really heartbreaking to see one’s effort going in vain when the product of our efforts is not able to reach its intended audience.

Ravish Kumar further said, “I am not a person who will pit two opposing symbols together and then enjoy the result of this endeavour and at the same time reap benefits from an encounter which my inner self never approved.”

In a tweet, Ravish Kumar said,” @ndtvindia removed by @HathwayCableTV from some popular packs. Our team talking to them to resolve this. To support @ndtvindia, pls tweet @HathwayCableTV or call them: 1800 4197 900; 0120 6836401. “

Ever since Ravish Kumar tweeted about the removal from popular TV Channels, various hashtags including Boycott Reliance has been trending over Twitter. While NDTV viewers tweeted to the service provider Hathway Cable TV for restoring NDTV in the popular channels package, others rejoiced.

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