Meet Darshan Hirpara, an impeccable intraday-trader and options writer

Darshan Hirpara talks about his struggle and slow climb to financial independence.

Darshan Hirpara is a 23-year-old young stock trader who started his journey in the stock market at the age of 16, with a small amount of savings and some money borrowed from his family. He had no mentor or guide for this journey, but he took it as an opportunity and designed his fantastic way of trading, in his words ‘my proprietary stuff’.

He spoke about his understanding of the stock market in various webinars. Darshan believes that the stock market is not a ‘money-making machine’ and one has to put sincere efforts to succeed. With discipline and consistency, one can learn various strategies and count oneself as a successful trader.

Educating A Few Hundred Thousand About The Stock Market

This young guy has a vision and a zeal to bring it to reality. He aims to make a hundred thousand people literate. At the age of 23 when most youngsters think about friends, love, goa trip, and jobs, Darshan is having a vision to literate 1 lac people about the stock market and its advantages.

Darshan Hirpara started trading at the age of 16, but he began trading fulltime after pursuing his BBA. He traded successfully in every part of the market from futures, to opinions, equity, index, commodities, etc. Over the years he has tried various styles of trading like jobbing, hedging, arbitrage, intraday, etc. in almost every segment from large-cap, mid-cap, and even penny stocks.

Meet Darshan Hirpara, an intraday-trader and options writer - Digpu News

Imparting Stock Training

Darshan has never been shy or hesitant in sharing his success strategies of stock trading. He says, “An individual’s growth in the stock market will accelerate the growth of other people. Hence everyone should encourage more and more traders to explore the possibilities in the stock market.”

As they say, it’s never too late to learn something. Darshan believes this is the thumb rule for stock education. You are never late or early to learn about being financially independent. He says that if you have something that drives you, you will find the reason for hard work and achieve your goal.

Darshan Hirpara’s Stock Training Venture – Trading Mantras

He himself defies the clock. Sleeping around 4 am after uploading his next day research and watch list on Trading Mantras, he joins the market at 9 am again.

Meet Darshan Hirpara, an impeccable intraday-trader and options writer - Digpu News

Darshan Hirpara started his venture ‘Trading Mantras’ after being influenced by stock market enthusiasts who asked him for tips and trading strategies. He envisioned helping a larger group of people rather than helping just his acquaintances.

Learning From Others Mistakes

Darshan opines that life is short. We can commit all mistakes ourselves and learn from them. It is better to observe and learn from the mistakes committed by others. He further says that he wants to be an ideal example for the next-gen traders.

Darshan has been vocal about his struggle in learning and mastering the stock market in his initial days. He made huge losses multiple times and his account went to zero in just 2-3 days, sometimes the next day. He stayed in the market because he loved watching charts, he read several books, tried various things, and developed his way of trading.

With ‘Trading mantras’ Darshan is looking forward to spreading awareness in the society, after giving thousands of live webinars he came up with this idea where he teaches his unique and proprietary strategies in a recorded video form. This stock trading enthusiast crafted his own trading strategies that help his subscribers to understand the art of making money from the market.

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