Shilpa Shetty says she made ‘A Mistake’; netizens believe she referred to Kundra

Shilpa Shetty Instagram post has fans wondering what it is all about

Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty, whose husband Raj Kundra was arrested in an alleged porn film controversy, admitted to making “a mistake” in a new post on social media.

The post on her Instagram account left many wondering what mistake she had committed. Many followers and social media freaks jumped to the conclusion that she was talking about the Kundra episode.

Shilpa had been active on social media of late and had shared life lessons and quotes extensively. It was on Thursday the latest post appeared on her Instagram Stories, where she shared shots from an excerpt of a book that talked about mistakes.

Shilpa Shetty says she made 'A Mistake'; netizens believe she referred to Kundra

Shilpa Shetty quotes Sophia Loren on mistakes

According to Odisha TV, the post was accompanied by a Sophia Loren quote which said, “mistakes are the part of the dues one pays for a full life….I’m going to make mistakes, I will forgive myself and learn from them.”

She also added a sticker with the words “I made a mistake but it’s ok.” Shilpa had earlier too made similar posts ever since her husband Raj Kundra was arrested in a case involving pornographic filmmaking. But nothing offered any clarity than being so very cryptic.

Investigations into the Raj Kundra case had led to the police stating that Shilpa Shetty had no active role in the crime.

Shilpa Shetty, in the meanwhile, is back on the screen. Currently, she is seen judging Sony TV’s popular dance reality show ‘Super Dancer Chapter 4’.

A come back to the big world of films also happened recently with a prominent role in popular director Priyadarshan’s  ‘Hungama 2’. The film, a rollicking comedy, and the remake of the Malayalam blockbuster ‘Minnaram’ was released last month on Disney+Hotstar.

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