Mumbai Police opposes Raj Kundra bail plea; Express concern he might take Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi Route

Raj Kundra Case: Cops oppose bail plea as they believe Kundra might do what Mehul Choksi, Nirav Modi did earlier

The bail plea of Raj Kundra, the businessman who was arrested in July this year for allegedly making and streaming pornographic content through apps, has been opposed by the Mumbai Police. The police fear that granting bail would prompt the filmmaker might leave the country, just like what Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi had done earlier. 

The police told the court that granting bail to Kundra would send a wrong message to society. They were also of the opinion that there are chances that Kundra might even repeat his crime if he is let out. The Mumbai Police also told the court that Kundra is a relative of absconding accused Pradeep Bakshi. So if he gets out on bail, he would communicate with him and help the latter evade investigation, said a News18 report. 

Raj Kundra bail plea: Not named in earlier charge sheet or FIR

Kundra, actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband, had been arrested and sent to judicial custody last month. In his bail plea, Kundra, who is in judicial custody, said that the police had filed a charge sheet in April, and his name did not figure in it nor the FIR related to the case. 

According to Kundra’s bail plea before the court, the accused named in the charge sheet are already out on bail. It even went on to say that the magistrate’s court had made a mistake by rejecting his bail earlier, the report added.

Kundra pleaded that the court order needs to be set aside as it is based only on conjectures and surmises. The report added that the plea reminded that the magistrate had failed to take note that there was no material even to show the applicant’s alleged involvement in the alleged offense.

Raj Kundra bail plea: Police fear repeat of crime

This argument, however, was not appreciated by the Mumbai Police, who pointed out that the crime is serious. Investigations are on to find out on which all platforms the videos were uploaded. The police went on to tell the court that similar crimes stand a chance of being repeated if the accused is let out on bail. 

Significant is the fact that Kundra is a British citizen, the police added, saying that once on bail, he could escape and continue with his criminal deeds from outside India. Kundra’s filmdom connections would give him ample opportunities to do so, they reminded. 

Yet another point raised by the police was that Kundra roaming out of jail would hinder the chances of victims, who in this case are women from poor financial backgrounds, coming forward with crucial evidence.

The court has posted the matter for further hearing on August 20. 

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