We have the right to speak up for Kashmiri Muslims: Taliban

The group, on the other hand, declared that it has no policy of using force against any government and not even for the Kashmiri Muslims.

NEW DELHI — In response to India’s concerns that the Taliban government in Afghanistan may be used for anti-India activities, the insurgent organization has stated that it has the right to speak out for Muslims elsewhere, even in Kashmir.

The organization, however, stated that it does not have a policy of raising arms against any country, and not even for the Kashmiri Muslims.

‘Muslims, including Kashmiri Muslims, equal citizens in every country’

Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said in an interview with BBC Urdu that they have this right, as Muslims, to raise voice for Muslims in Kashmir, and in any other nation.

He, as per Geo News, stated that they shall speak up and declare that Kashmiri Muslims are people and citizens of the country like citizens from other religions. Under the country’s laws, they have the same rights as their fellow citizens.

Taliban’s changed stance on Kashmir

The words by Shaheen are in stark contrast to the group’s previous pronouncements on Kashmir.

The Taliban declared Kashmir a bilateral and regional problem just days after seizing control of Kabul.

India starts engaging Taliban in dialogue

Arindam Bagchi, spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs, said on Thursday that India’s goal is to guarantee that Afghanistan’s soil is not utilized for any type of terror activities.

On Tuesday, Indian Ambassador to Qatar Deepak Mittal met with top Taliban leader Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai in the first official and publicly recognised interaction, conveying India’s concerns that Afghanistan’s land should not be utilised for anti-Indian activities and terrorism.

The conversations also included the safety, security, and prompt repatriation of Indian people stuck in Afghanistan, as well as Afghan nationals’ visit to India, particularly members of minority populations, according to the MEA.

India’s concern over security situation in Kashmir

India is worried that Afghanistan might become the epicenter of terrorism. In the past, ISIS and Al Qaeda attempted but failed to form a state.

India is likely to boost security vigilance in the region in response to rising worries about the security situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

Pertinently, one of the leaders in Pakistan’s current Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) regime has stated that the Taliban will assist Pakistan in ‘liberating’ Kashmir from India.

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