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Biden urges ‘transitional government’ to be restored at Sudan

The military coup in Sudan refused to budge even after Joe Biden urged for the restoration of ‘transitional government’.

American President Joe Biden has called for allowing Sudanese people to demonstrate peacefully on Thursday against the military coup. He also asked the global community including the African Union, EU, Arab League and others to unite for denouncing the coup and restoring the ‘transitional government’.

The statement had come after the number of casualties in the recent protest increased to nine. “I urge Sudan’s military leaders to immediately release all those detained and restore the institutions associated with the transitional government, in line with the 2019 Constitutional Declaration and the 2020 Juba Peace Agreement,” President Joe Biden said, adding, “We believe strongly in Sudan’s economic potential and the promise of its future—if the military and those who oppose change do not hold it back.” The 15 member UN-Security Council had also echoed the same previously.

The death toll increases

The current death toll in the recent protest against the Sudanese coup reached 11. Sudan’s top army general Abdel Fattah al-Burhan ousted the government on Monday and sent the current Prime Minister Hamdok and other officials to detention. Even after Biden’s strict restriction, AP reported that there were no signs of backing off by the military. Burhan had fired six ambassadors carrying the diplomats of France and other western countries.

The army general fired the ambassadors after the diplomats had vowed their support to the civilians protesting against the coup. As per the official who spoke to AP on the condition of anonymity, Sudanese envoys to Qatar, China and UN Mission were removed within two days of Burhan ousted the government. The general also said that consultations are underway to select the prime minister in a speech to groups who helped in removing dictator Omar-al-Bashir in 2019, the video aired by Al-Jazeera TV showed.

Biden urges transitional government to be restored at Sudan - Digpu News

The UN also released their statement supporting the protesting civilians, approved by the 15-member Security Council. But according to the diplomats, the reports were changed several times mainly due to Russian inhibitions to ‘condemn the Sudanese military coup.

The deep economic crisis

The country’s economy is hugely dependent on oil revenues. Half of the government expenses and 95% of the revenue comes from oil exports. Therefore, the Sudanese economy went into shackles after losing its oil exports. The currency tanked and it is dependent on the economical grants of the international communities.

The protests have halted the economy. Most shops are closed and streets are blocked. Hospitals are providing only emergency services. It has also aggravated the food grain shortages. According to Reuters, Burhan had been ignoring warnings of freezing international aid under pressure from the military and with the Russian green signal.

The Western countries have already warned Burhan of ceasing of now frozen $700 million US aid and $2 billion World Bank aid if he takes the power. Meanwhile, amidst the protest people are queuing up in small shops for bread.

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