Chinese secret detention facility in Dubai revealed; abducted woman shares info

Chinese secret detention centers beyond its borders used to track down and keep dissidents

In what could be the first-ever evidence that the People’s Republic of China has been running a secret detention facility outside its borders, reports of a Chinese jail in Dubai have come to light. 

The secret blew up after a young Chinese woman named Wu Huan stated that she was detained for eight days at a detention center in Dubai along with at least two Uighurs or dissident ethnic minorities from China. An India Today report quoting the Chinese woman said that China’s “black site” was used to hold her after being abducted from a Dubai hotel. She had been on the run as her fiancé was branded a Chinese dissident. The woman was taken by who she thinks are Chinese officials to the detention facility secretly operated by China. 

Chinese detention center in Dubai a villa transformed into a jail 

She stayed there under strict surveillance, and she said she had also heard two other prisoners, who she believed were Uighurs. The Chinese secret detention center looked like a villa that was transformed into jail; she was quoted as saying.

After thorough interrogation, the officials who spoke in Chinese forced her to sign legal papers which incriminated her fiancé for ‘harassing her.’ The report added that she was finally let off on June 8, and the Chinese woman has now sought asylum in The Netherlands.

The revelation that China has been operating such secret detention facilities beyond its borders has shocked the international community. Such centers are common in China, but this is the first time the world knows that the country runs such jails in places outside of its territory. The revelation about the Chinese secret detention facility in Dubai also adds ammunition to the suspicion that the Asian nation has been using its international clout to track down and detain dissidents in other sites. 

Chinese detention center exists; evidence collected proves

The report added that evidence that proves Chinese action using Dubai facilities was also found. The woman’s passport, a phone recording of a Chinese official asking her questions have been found. These apart, text messages the woman had sent from jail to a pastor helping her and her fiancé were also picked up. 

However, China has not yet responded to this information flowing out of Dubai. Authorities in Dubai are also maintaining silence in this regard.

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