Tourist have begun to flock to hilly regions of Nepal as winter approaches

As winter approaches, tourists have begun to flock to hilly regions of Nepal such as Dorje Lakpa and Jugal Himal on the outskirts of Kathmandu.

“The mountain has added to the beauty and pleasure of coming to this place. I come here because of the view too. I usually visit the place with my friends whenever we are free. The greenery gives a feeling of peace and well-being,” Sudarsha Chalise (a local traveller), Sankhu, an ancient town near the capital city, also witnessed a steep rise in visitors this year due to cleaner skies and calm weather. Kattike in Sankharapur is also among the popular hill stations where tourists are coming.

“This place gives pleasant vibes. As it’s the festive season and institutions remain closed, I come to this place twice a week. Earlier, we couldn’t get such a mesmerising view of the mountains but now we can see them clearly which adds to the happiness,” said Prashant Ghimire from Kathmandu.

The advent of COVID-19 cases in Nepal has caused economic woes and hampered festive season leading to less tourist activity this year. But now the situation has improved to some extent.

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