Looking to sneak away from WhatsApp groups? You will be able to do that soon

WhatsApp is bringing in a feature wherein users can leave group chats silently without anyone noticing

Consider this. You are in a WhatsApp group where you have nothing to do or are not interested in being there. And, you want to leave. But then, you are also concerned about how other members would feel when you suddenly leave. This is something most users who are forced to be part of various groups feel.

You finally have a way out without letting others even notice that you have left. The messaging app has brought in a new feature wherein you can leave a group silently without letting others know. You get to sneak out of group chats when you find that there is nothing for you in them, that is!

WhatsApp feature to benefit users

This is part of the new privacy features that the messaging app is ushering in this month for the benefit of users. The latest update from WhatsApp allows users leave group chats without notifying others. Earlier, when a user leaves a group, a notification is shown on all other group members chat window that a person has left.

As per the new update, a user can just leave silently and the notification is sent only to the admin of the group. The feature could be seen as convenient one as it becomes difficult for many to leave a group with all others being notified and thus made to answer questions from other members as to why the decision to leave the group was taken.

More features being added

That is not all. WhatsApp has also updated another feature, which allows users to choose who can see when they are online. According to this new feature, users will be able to select who can or cannot see when they are online.

This provision turns out to be convenient for users as they can check WhatsApp without their friends and family knowing when they are actually active on the platform.

WhatsApp is working on these updates, and it is expected that the new features will possibly be available to all users this month itself. It is being said that these updates come as part of the company’s efforts to create fresh ways of security.

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