Average Indian spends over 1,800 hours a year on smartphone: CMR study

New Delhi, India–

Thanks to the affordable data plans and devices, Indians are hooked to their smartphones and the latest study by Vivo and Cybermedia Research (CMR) highlights exactly that.

The study reveals that an average Indian spends more than 1,800 hours a year on their smartphone, which is one-third of their waking hours. More than half of the respondents have never tried to switch off from their social handles and admit to finding it difficult to live without their phones, the official release said.

The impact and influence of technology are such that one in three people feel they can’t even have a five-minute conversation with friends and family without checking their phones.

However, people are also aware of the significant level of addiction to smartphones they have.

73 percent of respondents agree that the current rate of smartphone usage is likely to impact one’s mental or physical health, whereas three out of five people say it is necessary to have a life separate from a mobile phone.

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