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8 medical personnel to stand trial in Maradona death case

A judge has ordered a culpable homicide trial in the case relating to football icon Diego Maradona’s death

Football legend Diego Maradona’s death in November 2020 had pushed the world to grief. Such was the popularity that the Argentinian icon of the soccer arena enjoyed during his lifetime. The death had brought sadness to all who love soccer. The untimely death had brought to the fore suspicion of irregularities in the treatment given to him during his last days.

A probe was on, and the latest is that a judge has ordered a culpable homicide trial in the case of the football icon’s death.  As many as eight medical personnel will stand trial as they have been accused of criminal negligence in Maradona’s untimely death. A medical committee had reported that the treatment provided to Maradona was full of deficiencies and irregularities.

Maradona was 60 years when he passed away

The footballer was 60 years old when he passed away after suffering a heart attack. He was recovering from surgery on a brain blood clot. The death however came unexpected and a probe was initiated as suspicion about the way the doctors and nurses involved in his care came to light.

A complaint had been filed by two of Maradona’s daughters as they felt something amiss in the treatment procedure which could have led to the death of their father. A panel was constituted to investigate into what went wrong and last year this committee of 20 experts found that Maradona’s medical team acted in an “inappropriate, deficient and reckless manner”, a BBC report said. The panel’s findings also pointed out that Maradona would have had a better chance of survival if proper treatment in a proper medical facility had been provided.

Guilty might have to face jail sentence

The investigators have charged Leopoldo Luque, Maradona’s neurosurgeon and personal doctor, and also a psychiatrist and psychologist, two doctors, two nurses and their chief. Though they have all denied responsibility for the footballer’s death, they will have to answer the questions that come up relating to the case.

The report added that all the eight accused medical personnel will be put to trial on a “legal definition of homicide based on negligence committed in the knowledge that it may lead to a person’s death”. If found guilty, they will have to face a sentence of eight to 25 years in prison. Argentina and the football lovers of the world are all waiting to know what will happen. The wait will be in as a date for the trial hasn’t been finalised yet.

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