Rapid urbanisation killing bird habitats: Neeraj Chawla

Wildlife photographer Neeraj Chawla opens up on how urbanisation and irresponsible human behaviour are proving bad for nature and its inhabitants, in Digpu’s talk show Sugar-Milk-Salt (Season 1)

Accelerated urbanisation and irresponsible human behaviour have turned out to be bane for the flora and fauna around us. These days, with these aspects having increased in manifold measure, nature’s existence has been pushed to risk.  Renowned wildlife photographer Neeraj Chawla, speaking to Reba Ayaz of Digpu News in an interview, articulated this concern.

Taking the example of the flamingos that migrate every year from Gujarat to the Mumbai mud lands of Sewri, Chawla explained why the flamingos might not come again next year. Flamingos feed on the algae that appear in the mud, post-low tides. And now with the Nhava Sheva bridge construction having been kicked off near the site, the birds could well be in trouble of being left alone.

This could eventually result in stopping the birds to arrive at the Sewri spot, where they have been returning to every passing year. This explains the magnitude in which industrialisation and urbanisation have been proving bad for the birds.

Human recklessness poisoning waterbodies, says Neeraj Chawla

Besides, Chawla advises to look around the many waterbodies in India, and every one of them are polluted due to reckless human intervention. Showing pictures of waterbodies that have beer bottles floating around, he says, man has been so irresponsible by poisoning waterbodies. And, this in turn, are proving to keep birds and animals away forever.

India’s cities have transformed themselves into urban jungles with concrete structures taking the place of trees. With no trees how can we expect nature to survive, he asks.

Rapid urbanisation killing bird habitats: Neeraj Chawla
Picture of waterbodies that have beer bottles floating around

Nature conservation is the need of the hour

Neeraj Chawla has been pursuing wildlife photography for around 15 years now. Over the period he has mastered the art, and has also been in the forefront of educating fellow human beings on what it really means to help in nature conservation.

Every human being has to think and act responsible to aid Planet Earth in surviving unplanned urbanisation that involves felling of trees and polluting waterbodies.

With bird and animal habitats under attack, it now remains the responsibility of the human inhabitants to step up their efforts towards conservation. It is with this aim that Neeraj Chawla has been writing articles on the topic in various magazines. He believes that these writings would spur fellow human beings to believe in the need for preserving biodiversity and helping the earth live on.

Watch the interview below on Digpu’s Sugar-Milk-Salt video platform:

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