Asha Honeysett was felicitated as Passion Vista’s global leader of the highest order

Premier luxury, lifestyle and business magazine Passion Vista celebrates the glorious and illustrious careers of eminent personalities from all over the globe. Their resounding success has made the world take notice of their diligence, persona and work ethos. The much-awaited “Hall of Fame 2022” issue is carefully curated with stories of such individuals who have prestigiously ranked above everyone else and have shared their passion journeys.

The year is not even halfway through, and the charismatic Asha Honeysett has already been recognised among the ‘Top 20 Life Coaches to Look out For in 2022’ by Entrepreneurs Herald, and ‘Top 30 Entrepreneurs to Look out for in 2022’ by NYC Journal.

Coach and Corporate Consultant, Asha is a psychologist by profession and the Founder of Light Tower – The Purpose Within. Asha is a leader in breaking the bounds in how we view mental health and accessing human potential. Her company is sought-after for their high performance and fulfillment strategies.

Asha gravitated towards behavioural science after a tragic accident left her father with 68 percent total disability due to severe trauma to the brain. She completed a Bachelor in Psychological Science (Hons I) and a Master of Clinical Psychology. Asha has spent the last 15 years immersed in understanding what defines someone’s quality of life. Despite her many years of study, Asha credits her father with being her greatest teacher in what it is to transcend the human condition, move beyond pain, and live with inner peace and purpose.

“From psychology, to neuroscience, to spiritual teachings, to quantum physics, the answer became bleedingly obvious. It is the quality of someone’s internal home. The quality of their thoughts, their questions, their interpretation of events, and a willingness to stretch into the unknown,” says Asha.

After many years of delivering therapy to people from all walks of life, Asha began to recognise the edges of practicing psychology in traditional settings and using traditional modalities. When Corona hit, it became clear that the time to do things differently could no longer wait. “I’m a firm believer in gaining mastery of your discipline, and then at some point, taking it further. To have immersed yourself so fully in your passions, that by virtue of the continued hunger to learn and do more, it takes on its own life force,” she says.

This is how the ‘Light Tower’ came about – To serve as a light for the darkness for those answering the inner call, “There is more to life, and there is more to me!” Light Tower is a personal development company that teaches models of self-transcendence based on the principle of consilience. They break down preconceived notions of how to approach wellbeing and optimise potential for individuals, teams, and businesses alike.

Asha is the creator of the ‘Diamond Mind to Manifestation Model’. A cutting-edge model of reality that unifies scientific fields and elegantly unfolds to demonstrate the emergent process of self-actualisation; a game changer in the high-performance industry. Their models are specifically designed to break the high-performance-burn-out pattern, and trains participants from the inside-out with the necessary processes and practices for sustained high performance and fulfillment across all domains of life.

Based in Australia and leading a healthy and happy life with her husband, Asha is sought for her skill across countries. She takes pride in uplifting those around her. Her clients are now also being recognised for tackling wellbeing differently in the workspace and are the recipients of various national awards, including being Finalist for ‘Wellness Initiative of the Year 2021’ by the Australian Law Awards. To know more about Asha, check or to nominate email, [email protected] 

Being a leader in breaking down barriers related to mental health and high performance via elevating consciousness comes at a cost, but the cost not to embark on it is greater, insists Asha: “My passion is simple – help people alleviate their (often-silent) suffering, access and live from the best that is within them, and inspire them to pay it forward in their most meaningful endeavours. People’s state of being is contagious, and if we train people how to have their set-point as the best that is within them, they naturally uplift others wherever they go and the ripple effect is exponential.”

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