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More and more firms are turning to digitalization in order to become sustainable, smarter, and react faster to changing market conditions as well as ensuring the health, safety, and social impact of our planet. Between 2020 and 2023, enterprise expenditure on technology and digital transformation are projected to amount to $6.8 trillion.

The business world must now ask this question of itself – How do we connect this world of digitalization to the world of societal needs? This is where visionary Mark Minevich comes in. Mark is a Chief Digital AI Strategist, Global Social InnovationTechnology Executive & Chair, and UN Advisor. But above all, he is THE Global Authority on the subject of AI and Digital Transformation. He is driven by businesses that have a clear vision and purpose – not just one that is profitable. He wants to be in the midst of new ideas, innovation, and creating a better future. From private growth technology startups and pioneers, he serves as the strategic and business advisor to Amelia, Infosec Global, and DarwinAI among others, and is a Private Investor.

But what makes him one of the most sought after figureheads in the digital space? He answers: “Companies don’t hire me to keep the lights on, they hire me to experiment with progressive technology and ideas, shift mindsets, maximize talent, and empower transformation and evolution on a global scale. I thrive in partnership, embrace big challenges, ask the tough questions, and take intelligent risks.”

Mark’s vision and strategy have translated into action, resulting in a $2 billion+ impact. He is an award-winning digital technology member of CTO/CIO/CDO communities. He is Chairman of the Executive committee of AI for Good Foundation and Co-Chair of the Steering Committee of AI for the Planet Alliance in collaboration with UNDP, UNESCO and BCG as a Knowledge Partner based in Paris. He is a UN Advisor,  World Economic Forum Future Council member WEF initiatives. Mark is an  appointed Member, B20 with the G20 under the Presidency of Indonesia and a Leading member of B20 Digitalization taskforces since 2016. He is also a Sr. Advisor to Boston Consulting Group.

Mark is also the force behind ‘Going Global Ventures’, a New York- based investment, technology, and strategic advisory firm dedicated to leading high-growth tech clients to success in the global digital economy. GGV advises large global enterprises and brands both in the US, EU, South America and Japan (Hitachi).

Mark is globally admired for unifying world leaders to accelerate solution development for social, environmental, business and connectivity challenges. He is credited with having advised, collaborated with, and recruited 1000 + of the greatest minds in technology. As well as dedicating innovation efforts and AI knowledge to amplifying capabilities and positively impacting climate change and social innovation agenda.

His unconventional application of AI and advanced technology have earned him innumerable honors, including the Albert Einstein Award for Outstanding Achievement,the World Trade Leadership Award, and being named in Forbes ‘Leaders to Watch’ list in 2017. More recently, Mark was named as one of the 20 AI Influencers and Visionaries for 2021. To know more about Mark, check or to nominate email, [email protected] 

Revealing the inspiration that drives his actions, he reflects: “Being the son of a sewing machine mechanic who was born in a small village in Belarus, I am immensely proud of my dad and everything he has accomplished. He is my inspiration because he always fought for what he believed in and never gave up on his dreams. Thanks to him, I have been able to experience the benefits of the American dream. I hope to continue his legacy by inspiring others to never give up on their dreams and to always fight for what they believe in.”

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